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29th July 2016

Poms by Mad as Birds Films

Poms by Mad as Birds Films

Mad as Birds Films are a production company on the rise. After great critical success of their first feature Set Fire to The Stars - starring Elijah Wood, Kelly Riley, Shirley Henderson and the company’s own Celyn Jones - three BAFTA wins and a a triumphant worldwide release, they now have a huge slate of exciting projects on the cards. And the success stories seem to be flooding in.

Following on from news that the Welsh government, advised by Pinewood Pictures, have invested in their high-end television series, Minotaur - they have now released news via Screen Daily that Sierra/Affinity have come on board to finance and produce their latest comedy Poms, a US-UK comedy about the Sun City Poms, America’s first cheerleading squad for women aged over 60.

Mad as Birds, who have an office located on Tower Street, are teaming up with Battle of the Sexes Director Zara Hayes, but their journey to where they are now was never where they intended to go. Telling One&Other Creative earlier in the year "we came together as a group of individuals, to make Set Fire to the Stars as a one-off production’ but towards the end of production, they had had so much fun that they wanted to build it as a business and continue doing what they loved.

Since they launched, Celyn Jones has gone on to become an ambassador for Into Film and recently starred in Wim Wenders’ latest feature Submergence co-starring James McCavoy and Alicia Vikander.

So Mad as Birds’ initially brief and bold story has become one of success and hopefully longevity.

They are currently casting for the film so keep your eyes peeled over the coming months as we unveil their new exciting adventure.

Mad as Birds
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