Welcome... To York's Jurassic World

24th January 2018


Sir David Attenborough will officially open the Yorkshire Museum’s major new exhibition ‘Yorkshire’s Jurassic World’ on Friday 23 March.

The 91 year-old naturalist and television presenter will take a guided tour of the exhibition which looks at the changing landscapes of Jurassic Yorkshire and the huge creatures which inhabited them.

York school children will be given the chance to meet him through a competition and pairs of tickets to the opening will be given to lucky YMT Card holders.

Sir David Attenborough said: "I am delighted to be coming to York to open Yorkshire’s Jurassic World. I have been interested in palaeontology and the world of dinosaurs and sea dragons since I was a child. It remains a subject which still fascinates and excites me to this day. "I am looking forward to coming to see the internationally significant collections and also to experience the technology which is helping to bring these magnificent creatures to life in new and imaginative ways. I am also looking forward to meeting school children from York and hearing their opinions and questions on the natural world."

Reyahn King, chief executive of York Museums Trust, said: "We are thrilled that Sir David Attenborough is able to join us for the opening of Yorkshire’s Jurassic World. His expertise and passion for natural history and in particular palaeontology is unparalleled and we feel extremely fortunate that he is coming to share this with us at the opening of a very special exhibition. "We are also delighted he will also be using his unique abilities to communicate the wonders of the natural world to York school children, who will have the chance to meet him and ask questions."

Sir David Attenborough will visit on Friday 23 March, with the exhibition opening to the public on Saturday 24 March.

The question and answer discussion will take place in the Tempest Anderson Hall at the Yorkshire Museum. York school children will be asked to submit questions about the natural world and Sir David Attenborough’s career to York Museums Trust, with the winners being chosen to come and ask in person. Each winning school class will have the chance to ask David Attenborough three questions.

To enter the competition, each school needs to submit three questions per class that they would like to ask David Attenborough on the theme of the natural world.

The winning classes will be invited to ask their questions to Sir David Attenborough on Friday 23 March 2018 between 2:45pm & 3:45pm at the Yorkshire Museum and to visit the exhibition between 1pm & 2:30pm (exhibition viewing times to be agreed per winning school).


· There is no limit on the number of classes per school who can enter. If you only want to submit three questions from one class only – that is fine.

· York Museums Trust will read all the questions submitted and shortlist the four classes who will attend the event at the Yorkshire Museum.

· All entries should be submitted by email to [email protected] by 5pm on 28 February 2018.

· The winning four classes (chosen from 3 primary, 1 secondary) will be told by 5 March 2018.

· The winning classes will be invited to attend the Q&A session with

Sir David Attenborough scheduled for 2:45pm to 3:45pm on Friday 23 March. *Please note that this time cannot be changed.

· The winning classes will be given the option to view the new exhibition from 1pm to 2:30pm on Friday 23 March. Timings of the exhibition to be confirmed with each school.


Classes should submit their chosen three questions to [email protected]

Yorkshire Museum York Museum Gardens York YO1 7FR Tel: (01904) 687687

Yorkshire’s Jurassic World will take visitors on an epic journey back through 150 million years of Yorkshire to discover lost giants and the changing worlds they inhabited in this brand new major exhibition.

From the depths of the deepest seas to the ancient coasts and tropical shallows; meet the dinosaurs and sea dragons that once roamed our vast and ever-changing landscapes. Experience each Jurassic world as the colossal creatures and their surroundings are brought to life using the latest research and ground-breaking technology.

Inspect the finest details of an ichthyosaur as its flesh and skin are superimposed over its preserved skeleton; serve a sauropod dinosaur its supper as a VR headset reincarnates the oldest sauropod remains ever found in the UK; tremble at a terrifying Megalosaur tooth as you stand amid the carnivore’s hunting habitat, and much more.

Rediscover prehistoric predecessors through the oldest and most fascinating remains in the region. More information will be released shortly on

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