The New Curators Collective: TOAST

14th April 2015

TOAST Collective, York

TOAST Collective, York

It is often suggested that as a viewer, we enter art galleries with an idea of what to expect; after briefly reading the short catalogue blurb we consider the pieces in hushed tones before shuffling on the next.

In their new exhibition, New Curators ask us to break with this conventional interaction with art works, engaging in a more active way with the playful environment they construct.

New Curators is delighted to present its group show including works by Andy Black, Andrew Crane, Debra Fear, Jade Blood, Karen Thompson and Louise winter.

"New Curators ask us to break with this conventional interaction with art works"

Removing the art works from their disciplinary categories, the exhibition creates a space for genuine experience to take place between viewer and object, unsullied by the long-established discourse surrounding the gallery space.

New Curators is a group of Fine Art students studying at York St John University, made up of Uriah Gabriel, Lottie Walsh, Helen Parker, Charlotte Sane and Jacob Lomax. As art practitioners themselves, they are interested in the blurring of curator and artist, re-appropriating the art works to the point that the exhibition is perhaps a piece of art in itself.

Opening 25 April - 9 May, the exhibition is the result of an exciting partnership between Robert Teed at the New School House Gallery, who will be playing host to the show, and York St John University. Hoping to engage young curatorial creativity this exciting event could see the emergence of many more artist-led initiatives across the city, a much needed kickstart to the York art scene and the ability for young artists to get involved.

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