Stained Glass Music: On Moss On Stone

14th July 2016

On Friday 29 July from 7:00pm, 11:00pm at St Martin cum Gregory Church there’s an evening of ambient, drone, beat & found sounds in an 11th Century church. Featuring:


AM Grave is the new project of Rachel Lancaster and Stephen Bishop. Fundamental audio sources (sine waves / noise / radioactive interference) are collected, aged and erased through analogue and digital process into miasmic drone, crippled techno and harrowing ambient.


Kirk Barley’s Grouphums alias see’s him flirting with textures and heavy ambience whilst still maintaining the technical precision we’ve come to expect from the local lad. Featuring tracks from his forthcoming tape release Weathered on Health.


Playing live for the first time in a while ahead of his next release Habits on Health.

"Habits’ is a celebration of routine and repetition. The EP marks a shift in my approach to producing, when I started to become less critical over the music I was making and instead began to embrace the imperfections within my sound. Making music started to become a ritual of sorts. I would find myself making 2 or 3 tracks a day, constantly re-editing, resampling and mangling sounds way beyond their original source. It was pure and simple in the sense that I was just having fun exploring sound and capturing the moments that intrigued me sonically - arranging them like a collage and trying to make some sense of the chaos.”


Ashley Sagar is a European based multi-disciplined musician, performer, improviser, livecoder, occasional artist, composer, noisemaker, destroyer and rebuilder.

"I explore the act of improvisation as a compositional tool within the fields of sonic and visual arts. Taking influences from composers such as Le Monte Young, John Cage and Steve Reich, I create temporally based aural works using a variety of technologies, which in turn become performance pieces. Working as a solo artist as well as in various collaborative projects I seek to find the line between improvisation and composition."


Grim does visuals, sweeping psychedelic brutalism. He’s very good at it.


All the hits.

Suggested donation of £5 collected at the door or advance tickets available from Earworm Records & Bison Coffee. All proceeds go to the Stained Glass Centre York.

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