Serial Killer Comedy 'Whoops!' Splatters Onto VOD

1st June 2015

(c) Heavy Elephant Ltd./MilesTone Films

(c) Heavy Elephant Ltd./MilesTone Films

Serial killing film festival favourite Whoops! is being released on 1 June on VOD, beginning with Vimeo and expanding to other platforms.

The popular black comedy follows the misadventures of accidental serial killer Rose Clements who, through no motivation other than her own clumsiness, bloodily hacks and slashes her way through a series of victims. Her dutiful husband Dave then covers the bodies using his landscape gardening job to hide their tracks… but the police are closing in.

Whoops! premiered at the Raindance Film Festival in September 2013, followed by a national cinema tour in the summer of 2014, ending in screenings at NXNE Toronto and a nomination for the Jury Prize at the Nantes Film Festival. The filmmakers’ hometown of York saw a sellout crowd of 700 attending the film’s homecoming in November. During its run, the film has picked up a plethora of plaudits from film sites, reviewers and festivals, who called it ‘My favourite British film of the last decade’ (Elliot Grove, Raindance); ‘The cutest killing spree ever’ (The Star); ‘Comedy gold’ (The Filmreel).

The film was shot in York by Directors Miles Watts & Tony Hipwell, whose horror comedy web series Zomblogalypse is also on course for a movie treatment, complete with sales deal done in Cannes. With Whoops! however, the filmmakers are going down the self distribution route.

Producer Sam Robinson spent the film’s festival period looking for the right sales deal for his film, but was not satisfied with the offers that came in: “There are a lot of seemingly great deals out there that ultimately amount to someone else making a lot of money out of your film, and leaving you nothing."

"I decided to self-distribute Whoops! following the multi-platform success of films such as Ben Wheatley’s A Field In England and Joss Whedon’s In Your Eyes."

"Everything is changing and filmmakers are more aware of being ripped off in some of these sales deals. My interest was in picking the right deal for Whoops! and VOD allowed us to put the film out for everyone to see without any barriers or middle men, and control where the money goes. In our case, it’s going towards making more films.”

Co-director Miles Watts calls the film "a delightful little love story, really. Yeah, there are bloody shocks and laughs but don’t let that put you off if you’re in the mood for a tender, touching film about real characters you can care about. We’ve screened it dozens of times in cinemas and it’s been a real audience pleaser to everyone from 15 to 80. Which surprised even us!"

Pre-order your copy using the button below. Trailer and other information can be found on the film’s website.

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