(New) York Dolls: Sherbet Flies

28th May 2015

Sherbet Flies, York Photograph by Ben Bentley

Sherbet Flies, York Photograph by Ben Bentley

A new album from Sherbet Flies called ‘No New Yorkshire’ will be released on 5 June on York cassette label Snowfall Records, as a limited run of 50 on cassette and online. The album title is a reference to the No Wave compilation ‘No New York’ from 1978 as well as the NME-coined genre ‘New Yorkshire’ that was used in response to bands like Arctic Monkeys, The Cribs and Kaiser Chiefs.

The band is Elliot Barker (vocals/guitar), Mike Sumner (bass) and Nick Upton (drums), who are all students at University of York, although none of the band originally hail from the city, having started playing shows as a full band on 10 June, 2014 and formed four days earlier. They had been releasing songs under the name Sherbet Flies for over a year before, but this is their first release as a full band, recorded over the course of an hour, with the vast majority of the songs being single takes with no instrumental overdubs.

Music journalist Christopher Nosnibor wrote recently about the band: "If writing about their ‘slacker’ style and suggesting they’re heavily influenced by Pavement smacks of lazy journalism, so be it. I was supposed to be taking a night off after all. But their casual demeanour (at one point singer Elliot Barker announced that they’d probably be releasing a track as a single tomorrow, adding, “If anyone wants to hear it, I’ve got it on my iPhone”) and wonky riffage has a definite charm, and made for a thoroughly enjoyable set."

The band are throwing a launch party with Fat Spatula and another band TBC on 5 June at the Fulford Arms, York. If you buy the cassette of the album you will also get a bootleg download playing live at The Inkwell for Record Store Day earlier this year as well.

You can listen to Sherbet Flies’ music on Soundcloud and catch up with their antics on Facebook (below).

Sherbet Flies on Facebook
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