New Look, New Art: According To McGee

8th May 2017

Photos courtesy Claire Hind and Gary Winters.

Tower Street art gallery According to McGee are set to launch their new look and new collection this week, under the exhibition title ‘We Made something Of This’.

Director Ails McGee has been busy painting the outside of the gallery: "It’s good to rebrand from time to time, but only if there’s a reason. We’ve been here 13 years and we’ve hit our own groove, selling a certain type of cityscape and landscape. That’s not going to stop but we thought let’s diversify. There are so many great things happening in York at the moment, there’s Spark:York, there’s Art of Protest Gallery. The atmosphere abroad is looser, more ready for change than I’ve seen in a long time. So we put the call out."

"The response from UK based artists has been phenomenal," says co-director Greg McGee. "York is seen as a very valid, relevant place to get creative. It’s a big week for us, and the event itself is going to be a blast. The title of the show, ‘We Made Something Of This’, comes directly from our latest neon signage supplied by artists Claire Hind and Gary Winters. They’ve showcased their neons with us for years now, and this one seems to bottle the optimism and creativity we’re feeling at the moment. Plus, it gives us a chance to hand the stage over to them for their latest performance. Their work is wild, ancient, visceral, hilarious. We couldn’t think of a better introduction to our exhibition."

Photos courtesy Claire Hind and Gary Winters.

Claire Hind and Gary Winters, internationally well regarded for their performances, are returning to According to McGee to unveil their latest offering, ‘So You Had A Dream About This Place’:

‘Everything is the same, except the light. It’s not day or night - it’s half-night. There’s a thing in back of this place. You came to see if it’s out there. You can see it through the wall, you can see it’s face. The red bricks moving by are coming to an end, the corner is coming closer. The corner is now very close. That’s it.’

Enigmatic to say the least, a response which draws a laugh from Ails: "And so it should be. There is so much certainty and cold logic in contemporary life, we all need a slice of Hind and Winters to puzzle and seduce us. Life’s not all about General Elections and mortgages." Says Claire, "It is exciting to share performance work at According to McGee. Our work Five Dead Acts Five Dead Cats (2015) made at the Defibrillator Gallery Chicago, was reimagined for their white gallery and enabled us to think about adapting our work for alternative spaces.

Recently we performed Death Drawing (2016) at the gallery and offered a participatory experience for the audience. Our latest idea So You Had A Dream About this Place looks at the gallery’s immediate surroundings, the places one may never get to encounter, except in dreams; round the back, the bins, the car park, the alley. We are excited about our relationship with According to McGee, they’ve pushed the envelope by welcoming performance and live art into their space and have celebrated progressive art for over 10 years."

‘So You Had A Dream About This Place’ A performance by Claire Hind and Gary Winters. 5.30pm According To McGee 11 May 2017. All welcome. Exhibition Party follows at 6:30pm.

Photos courtesy Claire Hind and Gary Winters. Previous performance by Claire Hind and Gary Winters can be found below:

Five Dead Acts Five Dead Cats. Gary Winters and Claire Hind at York art gallery According to McGee. from AccordingtoMcGee on Vimeo.

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