Music Video: The Howl and The Hum

By Miles Watts | 7th April 2017

You see above you The Howl and The Hum’s very first song, with a video by Sam Boullier. You can also listen to it on Spotify or Soundcloud.

The Howl & The Hum are a York band who "used to have one head and then someone cut it off so it grew two heads, and this situation reoccurred until the now four-faced hydra began its slow takeover of this planet." Which… you can’t say fairer than that, really.

The band’s electric, distorted roar is often softened to a loveless moan, with both ranges being covered in this first song and video ‘Godmanchester Chinese Bridge’, containing some lo-fi footage from happy times past that may just sweep you along with the building, emotional, heart-wrenching vibes from this exciting band who, strangely, kind of feel like they’ve always been here, such is the familar ache of the lyrics depicting the disintegration of a friendship from the one left behind: a yearning for reconciliation and a recognition of the pain of change and ambition.

"It’s so cruel to say, but I hope you lose your way" growls the bittersweet song. We don’t wish the same for The Howl and The Hum, who you can follow on Facebook.

The Howl and The Hum

The Howl and The Hum

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