KMA Unveil The Space in the Middle

17th February 2017

KMA Kit Monkman artist york

KMA, aka artists Tom Wexler and Kit Monkman, are currently making their first major new piece since Congregation (2010). The seven year hiatus has been filled with the making of two films, alongside performances of existing KMA works.

The new piece, The Space in the Middle, will be an amalgam of "everything we’ve learned making and performing Congregation (and its ancestors) presented alongside filmed elements that borrow from our cinematic aesthetic, making it very much the first confluence of these two strands of practice," says Kit Monkman.

The title The Space in the Middle points in three directions:

  • It describes an idea; a new dynamic relationship between art and its audience, one in which the audience are the performers and the generated aesthetic is jointly owned. There is no artefact, only a communal experience. How then should we redefine the audience, the performer, and the artist? The Space in the Middle questions those relationships.

  • The Space in the Middle also describes the physical space, the temporary stage that a KMA work creates (usually in the centre of an urban environment). It’s a gathering place where unusual things happen.

  • Last but not least, The Space in the Middle is the theme of the piece. The brief moment of our existence; “our little life… rounded with a sleep.”

The Space in the Middle will premiere in Baltimore, USA, on 31 March 2017 and run until 8 April.

Kit Monkman by Ben Bentley

Kit Monkman by Ben Bentley

About Kit Monkman

Kit makes films, installations and public artworks that investigate the relationship between the audience and the performer.

Most recently, Kit has devised and directed a new, feature-length, film version of Macbeth due for release in 2017. In his bold new adaptation, this classic tale of unchecked ambition, soured friendship, lost intimacy and the descent into savagery and nihilism is historically and geographically unplaced. Through a visually poetic and anti-naturalistic style, familiar characters and words are encountered in a strange and claustrophobic territory where the boundries between reality and madness are blurred.

Working with long time collaborator Tom Wexler under the banner of KMA, Kit and Tom have developed a new genre of interactive work that has built them an international reputation. Their large scale works (e.g. Congregation (2010)), which seek to create emotionally resonant, impromptu public theatre by encouraging, and developing, interactions between people in public spaces using digitally-controlled projections, have been exhibited in numerous public spaces including Shanghai World Expo, Tate Britain, and Trafalgar Square.

Beginning with eng-er-land, their successful 2005 dance-theatre collaboration with choreographer Darshan Singh Bhuller, Kit and Tom have also designed for numerous contemporary dance shows including DV8’s To Be Straight with You. Throughout these collaborations their work has developed and retained a distinct visual aesthetic.

The lessons learned through these excursions led directly to the experimental visual language of the 2014 feature film The Knife that Killed Me of which Kit is a co-Director and co-Writer.

Kit and Tom have also adapted their experimental visual approach for use in large scale music events. They recently designed Paolo Nutini’s UK Arena Tour (previous clients have included Prince, London Grammar and The Brit Awards).

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