FilmYork: Calling all Film and TV Crew

By Vicky Parry | 23rd May 2016

Mad As Birds

Calling all Crew in Film and TV! In case you missed the news, York now has its own Film Office, Looking to attract films to York and to aid existing companies in the city, One&Other Creative have teamed up with Mad as Birds Films to bring this opportunity.

Now we need your help. With the aim of creating an extensive database of York based crew we would like you to contact us at [email protected] with your name, job title and list of experience. This will enable people hoping to crew their film from within the city and be divided into experience categories to enable the production to select you from the relevant pool.

This is something we are very much in the process of building, so it would be a great time to come on board and become a part of this very exciting venture.

Already through the help of Creative England and Screen Yorkshire, York has seen some big budgeted films come to York; everybody knows this increases tourism and brings revenue to all areas of the city. Hotels have to house crew, caterers and location bases are needed, not to mention the film tourism that then follows suit. We want to make these opportunities appeal to everyone in the city and explain exactly how the film industry could create revenue for you or your business.

We are a group of filmmakers ourselves and understand the ins and outs of filming within the city: we will share this expertise with anybody wanting to follow suit.

For now, we want you to reach out and help us build an extensive database which will appeal to all levels of filmmaker needing to crew their film/TV Series or short. Join us.

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