Feed My Frankenstein: The Flanagan Collective

21st October 2016

Holly Beasley-Garrigan. Credit: Ed Sunman

Holly Beasley-Garrigan. Credit: Ed Sunman

York Theatre Royal associate company The Flanagan Collective have created a brand new promenade adventure to be performed across York and Sheffield this autumn.

This exciting new production from the company behind _A Christmas Carol, Fable and Sherlock Holmes: A Working Hypothesis_ will tell the fascinating story of Mary Shelley’s life along with her seminal horror story Frankenstein.

The show will open at Theatre Delicatessen in Sheffield from 26 – 29 October before taking to the streets of York from 3 – 26 November.

Director Alexander Wright, who returns later in the year to direct The Great Gatsby, leads The Flanagan Collective, a company with an impressive reputation for creating remarkable adaptations of classic texts. Their communal dining production of A Christmas Carol is now running into its sixth year and their production of Sherlock Holmes: A Working Hypothesis has toured nationally and as part of an award-winning season in Adelaide at the beginning of the year.

Despite being a male-dominated story, Frankenstein will see a cast of two women bring the story to life in a promenade performance around Theatre Delicatessen’s labyrinthine building on The Moor and then across a variety of locations in York city centre.

Veronica Hare. Credit: Ed Sunman

Veronica Hare. Credit: Ed Sunman

Director Alexander Wright said of the impetus behind the show: "Mary Shelley started writing Frankenstein when she was just 18 after having a nightmare when staying on the edge of Lake Geneva. 1818 was a time of huge social and political shift, and she sat right at the heart of that. It’s arguably the first ever science fiction story and a huge bastion of the horror genre. But it also holds so many ideas about politics, science and society. For us it is amazing to be able to look at our own trappings through a prism of something written nearly 200 years ago."

Holly Beasley-Garrigan, who is a long-standing member of The Flanagan Collective, and who appears in the show, added: "The visibility and role of women is such an important aspect of Mary Shelley’s story. When Frankenstein was first published, Mary Shelley wouldn’t put her name to it. It was only in 1831 that she eventually claimed authorship. Equally, within the story there are so few women; it’s all abstracted through male narrators with a male-dominated narrative. So it feels fitting that the show should be created and performed by two women."

Veronica Hare, who has performed in Fable and Snakes & Giants will join Holly Beasley-Garrigan in the cast.

There couldn’t be a more fitting way to spend this Hallowe’en than joining one of the most iconic horror creations in history in the dark and murky depths of the Romantic era.



SHEFFIELD: 26 – 29 September, 8pm: YORK: 3 – 26 November, 8pm:

The Flanagan Collective
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