Fancy Trading at Zine Fest?

8th May 2018

York Zine Fest, DIY Culture, Print, magazines, zines

York Zine Fest

Zines are a medium that will never die, nor will people’s love for printed media - despite the efforts of technology to render it null and void. Places like Inkwell (RIP) and Kiosk have always been great at showcasing quite what a wonderful and diverse medium it can be. This celebration of zines takes place on Saturday 21 July at The Crescent and will be bringing together paper lovers to offer a celebration of DIY publishing. Join us for zine stalls, craft workshops, browse through the zine library and enjoy some lovely food and drinks. 12-5pm - free entry!

The event is being curated by York locals (and zine obsessives) Jade Blood and Kayti Peschke who feel really passionate about sharing the work of other creatives and the joys that zine making bring. Kayti says “It’s a fabulous way to express how you are feeling and share it with the world and can be about literally ANYTHING!! Self publishing shouldn’t be scary and it’s been amazing seeing people who came to our last workshop now getting their own zines out into the world! The zine fest is all about bringing people together to share their work and inspiring others to get involved.”

Applications are now open so if you would like to apply to trade click here or head to their website for more details.

Stands are £10, applications close on 31 May at midnight. @yorkzinefest [email protected]

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