Door-to-door Poetry | Rowan McCabe

By Luke Downing | 11th March 2019

Door-to-door poetry

What do you think would happen if you knocked on a stranger’s door and offered to write them a poem?

Three years ago, Rowan McCabe became the world’s first Door-to-Door Poet. Knocking on strangers’ doors, he asks what is important to them; he then goes away and writes a poem about this, free of charge, before bringing it back and performing it on their doorstep. The project has been featured in the Guardian, on BBC Breakfast and was named ‘Best of Today’ on Radio 4.

Rowan is now taking his new show, Door-to-Door Poetry, on a national tour. Charting the full story of this weird and wonderful journey, the first stop is York Literature Festival at The Hovel, 16th March, 7.30pm-9.00pm, £6. 

Through a funny and thought-provoking mix of spoken word and theatre, find out about the beginnings of the project, Rowan’s visit to a mosque in Newcastle and his trip to a council estate in Stockton.

About class and community, at the heart of it all lies a simple, yet vital question: “Can we trust strangers?”

The show is directed by Peader Kirk (No More Worries, Indiana Jones and the Extra Chair).

There will also be an accompanying poetry writing workshop held at York Explore, 17th March, 1.00pm-3.00pm, £5.

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