Calling All Music Lovers: What's Your Favourite Album?

17th February 2017

Record Club, Fossgate Social, What's On York

Record Club,

On 22 March at 8pm, music lovers are being invited to Fossgate Social to discuss their favourite album. Branding agency Lazenby Brown - as infamous for their extensive vinyl collection and passion for the subject as they are for their award-winning artworks - are hosting the first event. They say, "It’s like book club, but with records".

It's like book club, but with records

We caught up with Mat Lazenby of Lazenby Brown to start the conversation flowing and see what sort of things people can discuss on the night.

What was the first record you bought?

It was The Wonder Years soundtrack on cassette and vinyl was ‘Yo! Bum Rush the Show’ by Public Enemy

What is it about Vinyl?

The further we get into technology and disposable music, the more we hanker after the authenticity and physicality vinyl gives us.

What are your dessert island discs?

Dessert island sounds great.

  • Gang Starr - Mass Appeal
  • Belle & Sebastien - if you’re feeling sinister
  • Muddy Waters - Live at Newport
  • Chet Baker - it could happen to you
  • The Smiths - Strangeways, here we come

What will be playing at your funeral?

Sentimental Mood - Duke Ellington & John Coltrane.

What do you encourage people to do when they come to your night?

Play albums that have a story for them, that changed their life in some way.

Play albums that have a story for them, that changed their life in some way

So, there you have it. It’s an opputunity for good people to meet other good people, chat over a pint about their passions and share that ever so magical impact that an album can have.

The first Record Club is at Fossgate Social at 8pm on 22 March

Lazenby Brown
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