Arthur Lee Remembered: Love Revisited

1st March 2016

Arthur Lee Remembered: Love Revisited

Arthur Lee Remembered: Love Revisited

To mark the 10th anniversary of Arthur Lee’s passing, Love Revisited sees his longest serving band perform classic songs from Love’s first three albums Love, De Capo and Forever Changes. Playing in York on 26 June at The Crescent Community Venue and organised by York record company Bad Paintings.

From 1993 until Arthur’s death in 2006, the band Baby Lemonade performed with him, being an essential part of the renaissance of Love’s music. This iteration of Love saw many sold out tours, as well as back to back Glastonbury performances and an appearance on Later… with Jools Holland.

Joining Baby Lemonade is Love’s original lead guitar player player and founding member Johnny Echols, who was part of the classic line-up that recorded the seminal Forever Changes.

Bad Painting’s Mike Harrison, who is presenting the event, says, "Love is my favourite band and their classic album Forever Changes is my favourite album of all time. I was turned on to them by my Uncle Nick when I was 18 (a long time ago). If people don’t know this record then should definitely go and check it out."

"I first met Arthur and his band (Baby Lemonade) in 1993 when I was visiting Los Angeles. I saw the band play twice and kept in touch with them after my trip. In 1995 I spent several months in LA living with the Baby Lemonade guys whilst I was in between jobs. In 1996 LOVE toured Europe and I slept on hotel floors and sold merch. Shortly after this Arthur was sent to prison (that’s another story all together). In 2002 I got a call from Arthur’s manager to say he was getting out and did I want to get involved. I worked with him on the first tour doing a bit of tour managing, general dogs body in the UK. Over the next few years the band spent a lot of time over in the UK including playing the Jools Holland TV show and doing back to back Glastonbury appearances and many sold out tours and I was along for most of the ride."

"At the end of tours, the guys would all come and hang out in York. We now all have kids and they are all mates which is great. The family and I visit LA just about every year. I also stay in touch with Arthur’s widow Diane who is super cool."

"The band were almost a permanent fixture in the UK between 2002 and 2005 and when Arthur died in 2006 it was huge shock to everyone," says Mike. "He had been diagnosed with leukaemia and moved back to Memphis were he grew up and was receiving stem cell treatment. I remember getting off the plane after being at guitarist Mike’s wedding in LA and I had dozens of messages and missed calls when I turned my phone on telling me Arthur had died."

"Since then, its always been strange them not being here and playing. I missed it and I know they missed playing and the fans missed not seeing them, so with 2016 being the 10th anniversary of Arthur’s death it seamed like a good idea to do this. I’ve been running the record label Bad Paintings with Jonathan from Fawn Spots for the last few years and we have also promoted many shows so we figured we were up for the challenge of managing the band and the tour."

"We have Johnny Echols on board too which is amazing. So you have Arthur’s longest serving band plus the original lead guitarist playing all of the classic Love tunes. Jonathan and I saw the show in LA in January and it was great. No-one will be disappointed."

Love Revisited (Baby Lemonade with Johnny Echols) is playing in York on 26 June at The Crescent Community Venue. TICKETS AVAILABLE FROM THE LINK BELOW.

Arthur Lee Remembered: Love Revisited

Arthur Lee Remembered: Love Revisited

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