Art With a Conscience: New Chapter Arts Prize Returns

By Aliz Tennant | 17th April 2014

Art With a Conscience: New Chapter Arts Prize Returns

Art With a Conscience: New Chapter Arts Prize Returns

One&Other and New Visuality are excited to announce the return and relaunch of New Chapter Arts Prize, the inclusive arts competition open to both amateur and professional artists based in the region.

Hidden II is an arts prize with a social conscience, aiming to provide a platform for creative minds (and hands) to explore and express social issues. Following the success of the New Chapter Arts Prize back in 2012, this year’s competition looks to venture further with the theme of “Hidden”, looking past our city walls and infamous heritage, and to the true realities of the poverty in our city, that need to be unmasked before they can be solved.

Looking to be part of the solution to alleviate poverty in the UK, Hidden II aims to bring art and artists into the conversation, with an array of interpretations and experiences.

The art will fall into one of three categories: Painting, Photography or Illustration. We don’t mind how you interpret ‘Hidden”, we care that you are bold, original and have something to say through whichever medium you choose. And that you say it so articulately that it brings the issue to the front of everybody’s mind.

Each fortnight throughout the competition, Greg and Ails McGee from According to McGee will talk you through every step of the process, critiquing the entries to date and being transparent in their decisions. The overall winner will then be announced by our panel of judges at a culminating event on the 6 June at One&Other’s very own Creative Chapel.


Winner Showcasing your work to the city the winning piece will receive a citywide exhibition across public spaces in York, as well as featuring in the window of According to McGee and exhibiting at York’s Fairness Conference on the 9 June. * The winner will also received coverage in One&Other.

Runners Up Each category will see shortlisted entries that will be showcased at the Hidden exhibition at York’s Fairness Conference on the 9 June.

*The winner will also be given the opportunity to have prints of the piece sold through According to McGee. Arrangements for this are to be confirmed between the winning artist and the business once the winner is announced.


1) Everyone is able to submit as many pieces of work as they wish into any of the three categories, but please don’t submit the same piece of work twice!

2) All entries should be accompanied by the artists name (you) and contact details along with a brief description of the work and how it relates to our brief of ‘HIDDEN’, without this information we can’t accept your entry!

3) Only works within the mediums of photography, painting and illustration can be official entries into the competition.

4) Entries can be submitted with a image via email (don’t forget your details!) to [email protected] or [email protected] or, for those without access to the internet, you can drop in a photo of your work to According to Mcgee, 8 Tower Street, York. Images are to be sized At least 1,600 pixels wide (if a horizontal image) or 1,600 pixels tall (if a vertical image). Total file size must be 5 megabytes (MB) or less.

5) The deadline for entries is 1 June. Winners from each category will automatically make the shortlist for the final exhibition.

6) A winner and a first runner up from each category from the shortlist will be awarded an exhibition at the York Fairness Conference on the 9 June.Any questions you may have please do get in touch! You can catch us at [email protected] or [email protected]

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