Anti-Claus: Grottoland

10th December 2016


Seamus O'Neil as Santa: photograph by Ben Porter

Are you looking for an alternative to the same old Christmas entertainment? Or just somewhere a lot cheaper?

Then this is the place for you. Bring the whole family (except the kids) to come and enjoy the best worst Santa’s Grotto ever to come to York.

Santa Claus is coming to town……along with his miserable elves and rubbish Grotto. Described as a Santa’s Grotto unsuitable for children, Grottoland opened its doors on 9 December as a festive and fitting final event at the Old Fire Station.

Brought to you by the creative duo Phil Dodsworth and Phil Grainger, Grottoland will be a winter not-so wonderland, the likes of which has never been seen in York.

"We wanted to put the fun and humour back into Christmas and remind people that Christmas is for adults too," states Phil Dodsworth. The result is an installation and experience that promises to be the hottest ticket in town this Christmas.

So what can you expect? A lot of the content is a closely guarded secret, but here are a few of the things visitors will be able to enjoy:

  • The Grottoland Penguin colony
  • Visit the Grottoland post office and write a letter to Father Christmas
  • Work with the Elves in preparation for the big day
  • See the original jumper worn by child actor Kevin McCallister in the movie Home Alone
  • Visit the Enchanted Forest
  • Receive a present from Santa

…and much, much, much more!

Turn up and buy tickets on the door or visit the ticket page HERE and book a time slot for guaranteed entry.

Tickets are £5 each or a special offer of two for £10 and four for £20 and a deliberatively prohibitive £105 for anyone aged under 12 to dissuade pesky kids from wanting to clutter up the place.

FOR 6 DAYS ONLY (9-11 December and 16-18 December)

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