The New Beginnings Issue

June 2015

It seems it is high time we put our money where our mouth is. After three years of serving the community as a CIC, we have decided to hang up our boots and serve the community how we see fit.

First and foremost, we are incredibly proud of what we have achieved. We have created jobs, forged pathways and found a voice for the underdog, recruited thousands of volunteers and launched truly effective community projects. However, our endeavours have been limited; not only by the hours in the day but by the limitations of a tiny team working round the clock to take on projects far bigger in scope than we have found possible.

We therefore see a need to grow: in order to stay true to our ethos, to better serve the people to whom we have made promises and to create more opportunities than ever before - this time through commercial projects.

Creative is very much our Phase 2 of the journey of One&Other. Minus the restrictions of a CIC, we are looking to expand and to nurture the creative community into bigger and better projects.

With a focus on film, print, design and community, we are here to stay. Among our other exciting creative work, we are now focusing on feature films and are going into pre-production on three in the coming year. This commercial venture will create jobs, increase tourism and allow creativity to flow.

Through years of service, we have fine-tuned our creative team and established essential collaborative relationships with many of the artistic and business community in the city. We have realised quite profoundly that by encouraging, collaborating and uniting, we can ALL soar sky high and evolve rather than stagnate.

So, this is our ‘coming out’ issue. Keeping our promises to York, we still offer you a voice but hopefully this lone voice is fast becoming a choir.

Stay tuned, stay in touch and stay a part of what we stand for.

2015 is York’s year.

One&Other Creative work in film and video, photography, bold branding and print. We specialise in the beautiful. We make & curate news. We support the underdog.