The Enlightenment Issue

March 2014

We have reached the age of enlightenment – a time One&Other (and York) have been plotting since it began and one which has been every bit as fun as we could have imagined.

However, this month, first things first: I would like to say a big One&Other farewell to my business partner in crime Stuart Goulden. We have worked in very close proximity for years now and his love and dedication to this project has played a huge part in what One&Other is today. Now, I am taking full reins of our baby and will ensure his pride in this epic project stays intact and true to what we set out to do.

Now, in the age of enlightenment - with focus on this cultural intellectualism - we celebrate art in this glorious town… and what a prosperous month to do so. We have Warhol, Wonnacott, arts prizes, open studios and a delicious amount of our lesser-spoken history. From the eccentric (often unknown) world of Doctor Kirk to a drinking history that Charles Dickens would implore.

Stay with us and let us stimulate all of your senses into a celebration of individualism, reason and first and, foremost, this magical world we inhabit.

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