York Zine Fest: Dun Mada

31st July 2019

York Zine Fest returns on 3 August at The Crescent, York and one of the artists selling his wares is the wry, surreal zine creator Dun Mada, who penned the description of his work below. Enjoy.

Hello - I’m going to be selling all sorts a shit at the York Zine Fest on 3rd August at The Crescent Community Venue, 12 - 4pm, it’s free to get in and there will be food, drinks and workshops along with lots of other stalls.

I’ve discovered lots of people don’t know what zines are, as I didn’t - so I wanted to reach out to everyone, those who don’t know and who might get inspired themselves - or those who who would just really enjoy some weird stuff and a zine fest zine fest, and unless someone tells them about it they would never know.

So there are 3 sections: what the fuck is a zine and zine fest’, ‘what I’ll be flogging’ and ‘hidden themes for those who want to know a bit more of what’s under the surface’.

Zine Fest
  1. What the Fuck is a ‘zine’ let alone a zine fest?? If you know fuck all about them, because I didn’t until a year ago, it’s basically making a little book filled with whatever you want, which can be a really freeing way to create and express when you realise there are no rules, no rights or wrongs, and no hierarchies of ‘what’s ok to make’ - which I think in creative terms can really holistically help your wellbeing too. And a zine fest is lots of independent stalls selling their own personal creations - so its a good place to discover something different, and find unique gifts, and be inspired to make whatever you want, beyond any conventions. So it’d be great if people could help spread the word and share this or something from it, as it might help inspire some folks to make something they had never thought of before, or give a home to a creative idea that didn’t seem to have a creative ‘home’ where they could put it.

  2. What will you have on you then if I trek over to this so called "fest"?

So if you’re not sure if you’d be into it, here are some of the things I’ll know I’ll av on me, if you come down: real audio from a really old erotic cartoon about Mother Hubbard and what her and the dogs really got up to - that actually inspired a well know Prince song; a progressive 1980’s hip hop band & their song about a 1 handed mutant sandwich and the life force of all living things; a 1920’s Russian character armed MAXP, armed with a shoulder mounted anti- hierarchy cream that’s part air, part hair, part tube; discover if Harrison Ford’s leg can really uncurl the soul through the drama of thoughts and feelings, ask is Kurt Russell’s hair really sentient, and find out where Jack Nicholson goes when he crumples up like a Brilliant Baby and returns naked and wet from whatever fluid he has been in? as well as some music with elemental indie, ambient folktales, the quantum orchestra and lots of other stories and forgotten music. 🙊

  1. Themes It’s not just high octane kink and esoterica - there is a general questioning of how things are presented, with themes which include: social conditioning, myths of creativity, a wondering of why we are taught what we are and importantly what we are not, and also questioning of what’s beneath the surface of all things, and what kind of deeper connections may there be between all things. But if you’d rather just hear about the dogs, Hubbard, and a certain someone who offers ‘relief’ over the telephone for flood prone communities, then I’ve got plenty a that stuff too. All are presented to help enlighten any nooks and blur any crannies.

a couple of the things I’ll be peddling.


artwork from lost cult sci-fi film ‘"Welcome To Pa’loo" - this is Withar The Growing Monarch - and the moment he feeds off of the light within the city.


another picture from ‘Welcome To Pa’loo’ - this shows the Roof Tribes, sending coloured smokes out to light the way in the dark after Withar drains the city.


I’m not proud of what happened this night - it’s one thing to try and raise a questionable deity - but when cults start getting judgy and hierarchical right in ya face, it pushes mi buttons!

and yeah you’d better be shocked pal!


A nice succinct list of whats in store within my ‘Hollywood Folklore’ zine


An actual picture of Al Pacino, notice the celestial giant within his mouth - which is actually a sweet, located within the inner infinite space of his mouth - the story within explains more.


Underwater, Samurai Jack Nicholson here - peaceful and floating in Space but in the Brain, the story unravels within.


A quote from Harrison Ford about his you know what.


One of Bearback’s lads helped model his dad’s t shirt design here. Cheers pal!


Bearback himself in a rare photo.


and The beginning of 3 stages of something…originally a sort video performed to the music of ‘I believe when I fall in your muff this time it will be forever’, by Sereesy Plunder.


Join Dun Mada and a host of other peddlers of bright and wonderful zines this weekend at the York Zine Fest by following the links below.

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