Theatre Review: Wise Children

By Anna Rogers | 10th March 2019

Wise Children, Photography by Steve Tanner

Wise Children, Photography by Steve Tanner

Emma Rice’s Wise Children is here. In the flesh, with a wild velvet beating heartbeat that pulses boldly in time with it’s audience’s. It sparkles and dazzles. It entices teeteringly with its playful,open and blunt approach. It pulls with no apology at the heart strings. It’s dirty,rich and lavish. It’s ragged and ripped at the seams. It’s delicious and sexy. It screams ingenuity and innocence. And it is utterly magnificent. I’m still floating in a little bubble over it now.

To witness Rice’s Company debut in all its theatrical glory and splendour is an absolute privilege. The Cast are glittering, whimsical, tight, slick and brimming with energy, delivering showbiz glitz whilst telling Angela Carter’s story with elegance, humour, brash passion and with conscious understanding of the human heart’s brittle nature. Clear, clever and confident theatrical devices and decisions are made allowing the story to almost tumble into the next moment, effortlessly and flowing with beautiful intent.

Vicki Mortimer’s set is to die for. A glamourous playground for the audience to admire and the cast to soak up and become a part of. The choreography and musical numbers are cool as, gushing with edgy zazzle and tender moments. I truthfully left the theatre emotionally toyed with, a little broken for a moment but emotionally nourished, warm, understood and as an adopted Chance sister. A deep catharsis I wasn’t prepared for with all it’s triggers, I related to so much of the story and so many of the bonkers, chaotic and heartbreaking moments and characters.

A wild velvet beating heartbeat that pulses boldly in time with it's audience's

OneandOther Creative

Rice brings Carter’s story to life so perfectly it’s as if they were meant to be. A serendipity of stars aligning. Two of the most important women in the arts that the 21st Century can boast.

What a fierce, inspiring and exhilarating pairing they make, Carter would be proud.

I cannot gush enough about Wise Children, it is everything Theatre should be, shouldn’t be and could be.

What a joy it is to dance and sing! - Angela Carter.

Wise Children is at York Theatre Royal until 16th March.


Wise Children, Photography by Steve Tanner

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