Theatre Review: The Wizard Of Oz

30th April 2018

Photo credit: Matthew Kitchen Photography

Pick Me Up Theatre’s, The Wizard Of Oz, takes song, dance, vivid colour and a glistening story and wraps it up in heaps of fun for all.

From the moment the band began to play, the audience of excited children (big and small) were transported to a magical world. The land of Oz came alive, fluttering bright lights, strong performances and home sweet home lyrics that linger in your head for days.

Dorothy, Anna Hale, sang beautifully and shone in the iconic role. The Kansas scenes which introduced all the main actors and characters moved seamlessly into a delightful twister sequence with sound and choreography,and a little help from stage hands.

With Bertie the dog transformed into a remarkably lifelike Toto puppet, tirelessly and skillfully worked by Elanor Dunn, the riot of colour that was Oz drew gasps from the crowd. Satisfying more than just a familiar love of such a delicious classic.

From the cheery munchkins to the comical trees, and the all singing, all dancing crows, humour mixed with great renditions of the timeless show tunes, produced the desired result of a sumptuous family production.

Adam Sowters, Wicked Witch, had a devilish cackle but the ridiculously fun and camped up version of The Emerald City Guard, portrayed by Finn East, took the honours for laughs.

In two acts with just the right amount of song, including a glorious jitterbug scene, the balance of the production was just right, leaving the audience immersed in Oz’s infectious and dreamy bubble.

Follow the yellow brick road and join Dorothy at The Wizard Of Oz, Grand Opera House York until 5th May.


Photo credit: Matthew Kitchen Photography

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