Theatre Review: Missing

By Anna Rogers | 22nd October 2018

Gecko Theatre’s Missing is a delicious spectacle of longing, soul searching, identity and at it’s beating heart, a beautiful example of how storytelling’s universal expression is beyond language barriers and even words. Capturing the moments one by one through the powerful presence of physical movement and symbolism.

Missing creator Amir Lahav plunge us into a cinematic ocean where emotions are pulled at and forced to be felt, and where heritage and personal identity is heavily questioned and confronted through character Lily and her personal quest into finding herself, and facing her past.

The physical energy and sheer talent of the cast is spine tingling mesmerizing to watch. The beautiful use of puppetry, light boxes and eclectic mix of movement, sets each moment and scene perfectly, offering an almost dream like sequence of storytelling.

Utterly thought provoking about ones own childhood and it’s effects on our adult lives, this piece is both emotionally charged and spiritually charged. Choreographed to perfection, Missing lingers with you long after you leave the auditorium proving the company’s effortless ability to impart and impact with their story.

Ultimately the resounding message of loving and accepting ones self, coming to terms with our family history and acknowledging how it helps shape us and our memories, but does not control our future, is placed of up most importance.

It is clear Lahav wants each of us as audience members to probe into our own internal monologues about who we are, and to warn us of the dangers of holding onto too much baggage from our youth. But this is done gently and with an almost ‘fairy godmother like’ air, laced in wonder and other worldliness, with maturity and empathetic encouragement through discussion and acceptance in committing to feeling the sadness, anger or happiness in that moment. Delving into the haze of the past in order to freely move forward into the future. Hearts aligned and lights twinkling again inside us.

Gecko pull off something truly special with only a magic they can work.

Photography Credit - Robert Golden

Photography Credit- Robert Golden

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