Theatre Review: Ken Dodd

By Steve Jadd | 29th September 2015

Ken Dodd's Statue

Ken Dodd's Statue

Ken Dodd has longevity - Born 8 November 1927 in Knotty Ash, Liverpool, Lancashire, the son of a coal merchant, Dodd has during 86+ years on planet Earth become a comedy Icon – a leg end in his own lunch-time (Sorry Ken!).

Wielding his infamous tickling-stick and with a relentless delivery of a torrent of jokes – Ken Dodd has endured as one of Britain’s funniest comedians. It’s difficult to ever remember a time without Ken Dodd, like dinosaurs and ET; Dodd’s merriment has managed to enter our very consciousness with his playful humour and innocent stories of Diddymen, jam-butty mines and black pudding plantations.

Ken Dodd’s Happiness Show at York Grand Opera House proved a feat of tattifelarius (fun-filled) entertainment – lasting for around five hours. I entered the theatre on one day and exited on another!

With his trademark crow’s nest hair, tombstone teeth and Technicolor fashion sense, the very sight of Dodd just makes you feel happy. A Dodd show is positive behavioural therapy (PBT) - Ken Dodd simply makes you laugh, much more than a comedian; he is a comedy genius and show business legend.

With the ‘longest stand-up routine ever’ the audience enjoyed a fun-filled variety show for all the family, with non-stop gags and a selection of songs in Ken Dodd’s unique ‘Happiness Show’.

Long live Ken Dodd - The master of mirth came to York!

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