Theatre Review: Grumpy Old Women Live - Fifty Shades of Beige

By Julia Parry | 10th June 2016

Grumpy Old Women Fifty Shades of Beige

Grumpy Old Women Fifty Shades of Beige

The ‘Grumpy saviours’ were in York last night at The Grand Opera House, attempting to knock some sense into the nation by basking in an orgy of fury.

Co-written by and starring Perrier Award-winner Jenny Eclair, who was joined by fellow ‘Grumpies’ Susie Blake and Kate Robbins, the outrageous fun and mirth was clearly felt on stage as much as in the audience.

The packed theatre positively throbbed with laughter at the sharp, never ending barrage of one-liners and true to life situations. It is difficult to choose standout moments as the full two hours plus was full of them. We had: learning the art of ‘Grumpy Grooming’; the joy of large pants; a free nagging master-class or ‘how to get your own way without him noticing’; a complimentary anger management workshop; middle-aged drinking - the rules; navigating the smorgasbord of worry; voluntary euthanasia v retirement and how to customise an unwanted pole-dancing kit (by firmly shoving it up the arse of the gift giver).

I think the highlight of the show for me was the shameless Grumpy Old Women dancing. Kate Robbins’ display of drunken dancing was sublime. Also the death of her inner rock-chick, every time she made yet another totally uncool move, a little bit more of her former self died.

As the packed auditorium was predominantly filled by ‘Grumpy Old Women’ (hats off to the handful of men brave enough to attend) they became increasingly liberated by the ‘common sense’ observations from the three masters on the stage. Nothing was sacred and the audience were as one with the topics (usually taboo in polite circles) being discussed.

When the large print version of E.L. James ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ was brought out it wasn’t the sex scenes that outraged Jenny Eclair, it was the fact that Ana wasn’t able to choose her own meal from a restaurant menu; Christian chose for her, twice.

The show was a great tonic, a rip-roaring laughter-fest from beginning to end. A lot of very happy ‘Grumpy Old Women’ left The Grand Opera House last night. Quite a coup for the so called ‘invisible’ (Grumpy Old Women should apparently be spies like James Bond because nobody notices them or hears what they say). Jenny Eclair et al definitely will never have that problem.

The show is on tour throughout Britain until 17 July.

Grumpy Old Women Tour Details
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