Theatre Review: Derren Brown Miracle

By Julia Parry | 15th July 2015

Derren Brown

Derren Brown

The thought of going to a Derren Brown show gave me as much trepidation as anticipated excitement. I would be entering the lair of a self-proclaimed Mentalist - I had no doubt that Derren would mess with my head! I’d previously only seen the psycho-maestro perform his seemingly impossible magic & illusion on the television but this was different, I’d be there in the same room as Mr Brown, it was live and I was nervous!

Derren Brown’s message is fundamentally a basic one; how we think about things ultimately determines our personal happiness and well being. We are indeed a consequence of our thoughts and behaviour. His observational skills and understanding of how the human brain works are utilised dazzlingly.

At the outset of the show the audience were all sworn to secrecy (especially press, he did tell us to lie if necessary!) regarding the content of Miracle - it would be a crime to reveal and therefore break the illusion of such a compellingly entertaining event. Brown exudes a likeable warm personality so to disclose any of his shows content would feel like betraying the trust of a dear friend!

Miracle is Brown’s thirteenth tour and he truly sparkles when confronted by a live audience. His slick, often sarcastic humour is a huge part of his act - he is a showman of the highest order and had the audience at The Grand Opera House eating out of his hand; laughing one minute, horrified the next, more laughter then awe struck by his hypnotic illusions and magic.

Brown does turn your head inside out but ultimately you feel better for such a mind bending experience! I went home no longer nervous but happy, contentedly warm and thoughtful as to the miraculous spectacle that is Derren Brown Miracle.

Just a word of warning…..if anyone is lucky enough to have a ticket for any of the shows on this 106 date tour….watch out for flying frisbees!

Derren Brown
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