The Yorkshire Chainsaw Massacre: Hallowscream 2016

26th August 2016

by Miles Watts, Horror Filmmaker and One&Other Director

I first became involved with One&Other because of a horror film I was making: O&O did a fantastic behind the scenes of our serial killer movie Whoops! which you can watch the making of HERE.

So it was perhaps inevitable that when I joined the company, at some point I would steer it towards the horror arena… well, "THAT TIME HAS COME…" and now we’re absolutely delighted to announce a ghoulish partnership with this year’s Hallowscream at York Maze. We’ll be shooting a promo for the event in the form of a short horror film that takes in the many attractions of the horror-themed scare park.

Evil Dead

Heading Out To York Maze...

When Team O&O first stumbled across Hallowscream in 2013, we were in hog heaven (well I was, I’m not sure about Vicky): it felt like wandering into a real horror film, complete with misty cabins in the wood, a chainsaw-wielding maniac in the playground and a macabre collection of funhouse attractions where the public get chased, jumped out at and generally terrified (all in the name of fun, of course.)

So with all that in mind, we’re gearing up for a full-blooded horror film shoot in which our hapless young couple Lucy and Hamish are chased around the entire horror park by ghouls, zombies, killer clowns and other cuddly maniacs: you’ll learn about the details of each attraction, including Leonard Dunnington and his gruesome meat pies, the dark tragedy of the site’s travelling circus and a new attraction called THE FLESH POT (a human slaughterhouse) as well as time-travel nightmare 1873, the lunatic-filled BARNAGEDDON and other things to increase your heartbeat. All this and you can end your night dancing the dark away in The Stumble Inn, Hallowscream’s zombie-themed bar.


Welcome... to a Truly Sick Park

This year, farmer and maze owner Tom Pearcy has curated his horror show in a more geographically contained area of the land, creating an exciting, claustrophobic experience that has more of a theme park vibe than in previous years. Having lived through previous years at Hallowscream, we can confirm that it is truly the horror event of the year, a dream for scare enthusiasts and terror fanatics, and just a great night out for everyone. Nearly everyone…

We’re now in prep for the promo shoot which takes place in York from 5-9 September and:


We’ll be needing a bunch of slavering ZOMBIES on one of the nights filming out at the maze, so let us know you’re coming by emailing [email protected] for more details.

And stay tuned for updates: the promos will go online towards the end of September and Hallowscream opens on 14 October, running until Halloween night itself, 31 October. Book tickets below, and do it fast as this always sells out!


Leatherface Will Give Visitors a Warm Welcome

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