The New Curator in Town: Charlotte Dawson Trailblazes York's Pop-Up Art Scene With Her Latest Venture

By Vicky Parry | 21st February 2014

A new pop up art space initiative being run by Charlotte Dawson is about to hit town, with a showcase of local art and crafts in a month long exhibition.

The artistic initiative running from February until March will be situated on Little Stonegate; consisting of local art, crafts and multiple exhibitions and creative opportunities for visitors. The student, who is now in her second year at Leeds College of Art studying Art and Design Interdisciplinary, wanted to bring local artists to the forefront, and now leads multiple artistic ventures. Charlotte works in community pub: The Golden Ball and manages to showcase local art to the community through art displays in the pub.

Through this display, Charlotte’s intentions surmount to being able to make currently established and also evolving artists known to the York public, and to bring their art to the forefront. The idea behind the Pop Up Art Space was born from Charlotte’s desire to make art accessible to everyone. As her studies of art and interests have revealed – art has the ability to transform not just people but perspectives and places also. Charlotte has also fronted multiple fundraising and solstice events, in conjunction with her pub initiative – in an attempt to explore the effect art has on people and also to access local art and ensure that it is embraced and appreciated by the people of York. It is apparent that one of Charlotte’s main objectives is to bring the community together, and the pop up art space is an event in which the community can use art to come together to celebrate, understand and become more involved in the expression of local art and artists.

Pop Up Art Space

Pop Up Art Space

In 2013 Charlotte began an initiative called ‘Open Art Surgery’ which is made up of 20 creative members. The group’s objective is to primarily create exciting artistic ventures around the city and also to express the notion of art being a collective initiative, and that the artistic expression functions more successfully when explored as a group. It is apparent that Charlotte and the other members of her creative group believe that art is more about a sense of community pride, as much as it is about expressing emotion. The members of the creative group are all from different artistic backgrounds and have rediscovered their love of art through this new collective.

When beginning the process of looking for premises to host her temporary art show, Charlotte became a member of East Street Arts, based in Leeds, resulting in her quickly securing a place in a two floor 90s office space as a room in which to occupy her Pop Up Art Space initiative. During the month long exhibition, the pop up art space will be home to a variety of artist’s work, a craft and artwork sale, a digital installation evening with sound engineer Ben Eyes, and a selection of artistic workshops and activities. The venture is entirely self-funded, but a collection box will be present at the event if any visitors wish to make a donation. This new artistic initiative is well worth a visit.

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