The Neu Wave of Hungry Artists

29th May 2015

The Neu Wave of Hungry Artists

The Neu Wave of Hungry Artists

There has been a lot of buzz on social media recently about a new arts collective in town. Calling themselves "The Neu Wave" they mainly comprise of young, upcoming artists forging a path ahead.

Behind the movement is art foundation graduate Jack Rientoul, who’s passion to bring new artists into the limelight is the predominant force behind the project. In advance of the collectives up coming show at The Hungry Artist on Goodramgate we caught up with Jack for a chat.

Please could you give me some background about yourself?

I am currently on a gap year after finishing my art foundation year at York College and am going to Manchester Metropolitan to study fine art. I am a practising abstract painter but have focused my attention on getting experience in gallery work, I have been doing an internship at According To McGee where they have given me the opportunity to curate and show my own work which I hope to continue both this year and whilst I am at university.

What inspired you to curate the show?

It is often difficult for young artists for young artists to get their artwork shown and sold in galleries so when I was offered the opportunity to curate a show at The Hungry Artist I thought it would be great to celebrate young artists from York, these artists could potentially have a hand in shaping the art scene both in York and across the country which is why I decided to call the collective ‘Neu Wave’. Also, it has become easier now to do these kind of shows independently with social media and things like that so it was just a question of why not do a show.

Could you tell me a rough outline about some of the artists on show?

These artists are based across the country, this show is the result of those artists coming back to their home town and wanting to exhibit their work, kind of like a checkpoint after spending another year out of York to see how their work has developed. Some specific artists who I am particularly excited about exhibiting are Callum Scott-Dyson who is a filmmaking graduate of Manchester Met and also a very talented illustrator and both his filmmaking talents and illustration will be on show at the exhibition. I am also very much looking forward to seeing the brilliant painters we are going to have showing their work, George Watson, Jake Russell and Jamie Scott-Dyson are all painting students and I find their work inspiring and striking, were lucky to have the talent on board.

Would you to curate more in the future?

Absolutely, Ideally I would like to do more exhibitions with the Neu Wave collective and keep displaying the newest and most exciting work that is put forward. It is very stressful if i’m being honest but definitely worth while.

What made you choose The Hungry Artist?

I saw that The Hungry Artist were looking for a curator and after meeting Gary and Mila Romans (the owners) and seeing the space I thought it would be a great place to execute some curatorial ideas I have had for a long time and they have been very supportive of the idea of the show and it’s been a great collaboration.

What was your main inspiration when putting the show together?

Strangely it was actually thinking back to my end of year show at York College and seeing all this great art on show by all this young talent and wondering if that could be achieved outside of that environment and as I mentioned it is often difficult for young artists to get their work shown so it was also about giving as much creative freedom to the artists as possible, letting them show what they want with little constraints.

Is there a particular scene in York around what you are doing?

I feel that in York a lot of young people are taking it upon themselves to organise events and get their work out there and I guess that fits into that category. I have seen a rise in musicians, artists and writers really pushing their stuff out there with great success and it’s really inspiring to see a little city like York doing such diverse, interesting things and succeeding at it.

Do you think there are any potential future stars in the show?

I think it is very possible, they are all so driven and confident in what they are doing, I have no doubt in my mind that there will be a lot of success for a lot of the artists exhibiting. It is new and exciting work and I think it’s a great snapshot of what young artists are doing across the country and also what is to come in the future.

The Neu Wave runs at The Hungry Artist from 30 May- 30 June 2015.

The first instalment of the Neu Wave collective featuring works from young artists from York. Many have moved to other institutes such as Edinburgh School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan, Wimbledon etc but have brought their work back for this show held at The Hungry Artist York This show will feature a diverse range of work including Painting, video, illustration and fashion Exhibiting Artists: Callum Scott-Dyson George Watson Rachael Nellist Andrew Wilson Anna Manfield Rosie Popka Jamie Scott-Dyson Ruby Stacey Danny Flint Jake Russell Jess Ramsay Huw Cammack and music by Luke Saxton

Luke Saxton who provides music for the show

Luke Saxton who provides music for the show

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