The Importance of the Class Disruptor: Mat Lazenby on Why Individuality is Vital for Business

By Miles Watts | 9th June 2014

Mat Lazenby of Lazenby Brown

Mat Lazenby of Lazenby Brown

Success stories written by those who used to mess about in school always hold a certain degree of satisfaction. It could be that our teachers used to tell us to ‘stop daydreaming’ while we were staring longingly out of the window, or that we were scolded for scribbling pictures all over our exercise books.

Mat Lazenby is one of these characters, not so much a ‘rebel’ as someone who was regularly distracted away from the mundane mores of school days, seeing them as a chance to catch up with his mates and draw pictures of speedboats in the margin.

“I was kind of lost in school," says Mat in his TEDX talk The Power of the Individual, "but fascinated by design (hence the speedboats), which evolved into an interest in just how powerful it’s become as a business tool. In my work now, I’m often brought in to help businesses who might be failing in some respect.”

It is the very notion of the ‘class disruptor’ that drove Mat from being an active daydreamer into running a successful business that promotes creativity as vital in people’s working lives. "The class disruptors are the ones who break the mould and change things, the people who shake things up and think differently," he explains. "As these worlds collide they can help to create lifelong career possibilities if properly nurtured; it’s just getting those disruptors to work together that’s the challenge."

Mat’s design company Lazenby Brown, who draw on thirty-five years of combined experience in the creative sector, are often brought in by businesses who are doing quite well but need some kind of spark to help them develop. It is that spark that Mat and his company seek to provide, by showing businesses that instead of trying to be all things to all people or emulate other people’s successes, it is in the individual where the solution lies.

In his TEDx talk, Mat uses Brian Wilson, speedboats and sausages to demonstrate his point and the resulting talk is never less than fascinating.

Watch Mat’s TEDx talk below.

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