The Images From His Dreams: Hamish Logan

20th July 2017

ʍindƨpring ʍeʍorieƨ by Hamish Logan

ʍindƨpring ʍeʍorieƨ by Hamish Logan

Hamish Logan is someone we have had the pleasure of working with over the years. After finishing his Film and Television BA at York St John University, Hamish has enjoyed experimenting with different forms of video art, alongside making short films with his fellow graduates, taking two shorts over to the Cannes Marche du Film corner. With a keen interest in experimenting with different styles, he’s getting closer to finding a comfy position in his new home Berlin, where he has just finished a music video for ʍindƨpring ʍeʍorieƨ™. Hamish invites us into the creative process…

ʍindƨpring ʍeʍorieƨ by Hamish Logan

ʍindƨpring ʍeʍorieƨ by Hamish Logan

"Oh boy, I’ve had such fun with this 3D rendering software I downloaded. It’s been really quite a nice introduction to the world of 3D animation. I got a free download of a 42 day trial and I’ve sat on it, day in and day out, pressing every single button to understand it. During my teenage years I cultivated an interest and patience for animation, starting with things like flip books and animation, progressing onto different methods.

One morning I came across an online collection of sharp images by various artists: über super duper hyper realistic CG reflections, furry materials, woven textures and physics all engineered using a program called Cinema4D. After a closer look at it, I downloaded the program out of curiousity, as I was woo’d into it with the generous offer of a free 42 day demo trial, but after becoming more confident in controlling it than expected, I began to imagine that this might be a viable freelance career option. After talking with my friend Elliot Cornwell who was confident in using Cinema4D, I managed to understand the basics of the program, and eventually was able to create camera movements and configure everything down into a ‘render’.

Roughly during this period, I recall having a string of interconnected dreams, all involving apocalyptic asteroid-impact scenarios. I enjoyed these dreams, which seemed to involve lots of excitable human interaction, a heightened pressure of survival and endless refreshing "end of the world" parties. So, quite a positive imagination of the chaos that would inevitably ensue. Anyway, in each dream there would always appear a colossal asteroid visible in the sky, so large it would appear as still as the moon.

So with these images dominating my daydreams, I began to practice the basic shapes, motion, lighting and textural designs required to represent an asteroid. After collecting up some of my renders, (some of which took 15 hours to export) I edited together the imagery to music from ‘Mindspring Memories’, an artist I have been listening to for a while.

One thing led to another; some messages were sent, compliments exchanged, cheeks blushed and more imagery asked to be seen and the next thing I knew I was using my practice material to create a mood piece music video for Mindspring Memories.

I think my C4D trial is about to end, but I’m considering purchasing the whole shebang, because ultimately I’d love to teach myself how to create a realistic image of an asteroid in the sky, and make a really boring / sleepy short drama about two people talking about dull things on a park bench with an asteroid in the morning sky or something…"

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