The Base for The Future: How Brunswick Hopes to Play his Way to Positivity

By Vicky Parry | 19th June 2015

To DJ with any integrity, you first need passion, something which Upside your Mind’s Brunswick (Jonathan Baker-Hood) has in abundance.

His monthly club night in Sotano has gradually attracted a cult following and now guest DJs join him to create something rather special.

Following on from hosting the Bishopthorpe Road Tour De Yorkshire Street Party Ebor Stage; Brunswick is looking for other collaborations around the city over the next years, we caught up with him to find out what he plays, what makes him tick and what he thinks of York’s scene.

Brunswick at Upside Your Mind, York

Brunswick at Upside Your Mind, York

Donald Byrd

Donald Byrd

Do you feel there is much of a scene for you in York? Can you think of any other nights that complement you/appeal to your audience?

I don’t think that there is a dedicated scene in York such as you have in Leeds or Manchester and one monthly night in Sotano probably won’t change that. In those cities you have great stuff from around the globe every week. What does happen though is I get great dialogue with people who come down and I get to talk about the tracks and fill in some gaps on the tunes I’m not familiar with but which a customer know loads about. I love that exchange. When it’s busy and people are up and dancing to something random from the other side of the world I feel like there is definitely a base for the future however!

What eras does your night cover?

I love to play a lot of different styles and would drop anything from early Calypso to brand new Electronica. It has to feel right though and I try and avoid being too technical or ‘arty’ about playing out. I am definitely not the best DJ around but I trust my instincts on what to play when. The music policy states ‘PURELY POSITIVE AUDIO FROM THE BASEMENT TO THE TROPICS AND BACK’ so as a remit it’s really open! If I have to specify genres then I guess Latin, Afro, Jazz, Soul, House, World Rhythm, Disco, Hip Hop, and Electronica.

With special thanks:

Brunswick would like to thank The Inkwell, Earworm, Vinyl Eddie and Rebound records for helping him promote the night, plus all the other people, especially the Bishopthorpe Road community who have kindly let him poster and have joined in with Facebook and Twitter.

" I hope to be part of York’s music scene for as long as possible. Maybe I’ll get the chance to play out somewhere some day with all my gang and for my now three year old daughter out there. Hopefully she won’t find her old man’s music too dull!"

The next Upside Your Mind is tonight in Sotano.

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