Scare Yourself Silly: Hallowscream 2018

18th October 2018


by Molly Hazelwood

A soundtrack of excited screams plays on a loop while Corny the Clown chases his victims… yes folks, Hallowscream greets us all once again.

For me, when October comes around, the first thing I think about is buying tickets for Hallowscream so I can feel that eager terror once again; the fact that the attractions are not only truly terrifying, but immensely fun too never fails to surprise me. Attending is something everyone must experience at least once, especially if you’ve got a soft spot for horror.


With five gruelling attractions (The Flesh Pot, The Difference Engine, Barnageddon, Reincornation and 2073), live music, food, funfair games and a waltzer, there is plenty to do at Hallowscream to keep you and your friends entertained. Each attraction has a different hair-raising theme with a unique set up, in which you encounter gruesome characters and frequent jump-scares. This year, as a new addition, Barnaggedon has a 3D effect which disorientates you, adding to the element of surprise.

If you’ve never been before, expect the unexpected…


The actors who play a variety of different ghouls, zombies, clowns and other disturbing characters never fail to impress. There are (estimated from experience) 20-25 ‘things’ you’ll come across in each attraction and Corny the Clown chases unsuspecting victims across the whole site, amongst others walking around who are just as creepy. This in itself creates a whole new world of horror which you willingly step into once you enter Hallowscream.

It would be hard not to enjoy a night at Hallowscream: it’s the perfect opportunity to fully immerse yourself into a world of horror. As scary as it may sound. it eventually all becomes just a fun night out — unless you’re scared of clowns or not a fan of horror, in which case it probably isn’t for you! All in all, Hallowscream is thoroughly enjoyable and the perfect mix of fun and horror.

Hallowscream runs at York Maze on selected nights until 3 November. BOOK BY CLICKING BELOW.

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