Review: Red Trees EP

By Steve Jadd | 4th June 2014


Wild Flowers




Songs written in Winter 2013/14

As more rain descends on a drenched village in somewhere England I am reminded of the silence that follows rain. I am listening to the latest instalment from Red Trees and prompted of the seasons. Chris Beckett and Lou Richards met in York in 2006 and together they have created a bewitching catalogue of work both individually and as Red Trees. Their delicate yet robust sound is equally uplifting and mournful. Like a Buddhist bacon sandwich there is something forbidding yet addictive about the duos use of droning vocals and delicate guitar that is simply mesmeric. Think of Nico harmonising with Nick Drake – I’m in Love!

Red Trees - Seasons Series are a series of limited edition (#1-50) EP’s written and recorded simply at home using a basic recording set up and released on 3" mini-CD. Initially a way of cataloguing and archiving songs as part of a creative cycle of writing, recording and presenting, it soon became apparent that each set of songs was inspired by and reflected the season in which it was created. To date they have produced three EP’s. They are available to buy via Sea Records EP3 is the winter instalment of a 4 season EP cycle.

The latest 5 track, limited 3" cd EP by Red Trees is available to buy now from Sea Records.

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