Review: Immersive Van Gogh at York St Mary's

By Julia Parry | 10th July 2019

Immersive Van Gogh at St Mary's

Immersive Van Gogh at St Mary's

The former church of York St Mary’s central nave has been miraculously transformed into a stunning projected gallery of Vincent Van Gogh’s much loved and most famous works.

The original paintings - projected onto the former church interior (stone walls and floor becoming part of the canvas) have been brought to life with digital animation; wheat sways in the breeze,rain pours out of the confines of the paintings frame, stars twirl and swirl in the night sky, blossom falls from trees, and crabs sideways shuffle off their canvas are just a few of the numerous animated pictures to marvel at - walls, floor and ceiling totally immerse the viewer into Van Gogh’s world.

Immersive Van Gogh at St Mary's

The master of the knave

Part of the show has the altar end of the nave with a continuously morphing gigantic self portrait of the artist by merging the many he did over his short life. A fitting area of the church for the troubled artist, much misunderstood in his own lifetime but transformed to the God like status he has become!

Mario Iacampo, the creative mind from Exhibition Hub, who worked with digital animators at Dirty Monitor to create the mesmerising displays explains " This is a remarkably engaging way of adding a new dimension to some of the finest and most famous paintings of the 19th century - a gallery displaying over 200 of Van Gogh’s best-known works, where the paintings come alive before your eyes".

The famous 1889 painting ‘Bedroom at Arles’ has been recreated into a room - the experience of peering into the room gives you a sense of deja vu, you feel you know it so well!

The nave and its mind bending thirty five minutes of immersive interaction is very much the highlight of the show, before entering there visitors are first able to explore the work and style of Van Gogh with numerous exhibits. Those inspired by their experience can show off their own artistic skills in a hands-on, family friendly art zone, the results being projected onto the wall of the visitor gallery.

This exciting exhibition runs until January 2020. For further information on prices, Times etc visit the website [here.](www.vangogh "")

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