Review: Burn the Floor. Grand Opera House York

By Julia Parry | 2nd May 2019

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Graziano Di Prima in Burn the Floor, York

Kevin (From Grimsby) Clifton is billed as the star of Burn the Floor and undeniably there is much love generated towards him from the audience but he emphasised himself that Burn the Floor are a family of equals.

Set up after an unusual request, Ballroom dancing was not perceived to be ‘cool’ twenty years ago! Elton John was throwing a lavish fiftieth birthday party and asked Australian dancer Harley Medcalf to bring some ballroom dancers as part of the entertainment. It was such a success that a permanent troup was subsequently formed, Burn the Floor was born.

The international collective have toured the world ever since; a seven week stint on Broadway lasted eight months due to it’s immense popularity. This is Burn the Floor’s very first British tour, a great coup for York to be part of!

[Kevin Clifton's] humour and story telling skills adding to his sparkling list of talents as prize winning dancer with a beautifully melodic singing voice

Throughout the show Kevin Clifton acted as compere, his humour and story telling skills adding to his sparkling list of talents as prize winning dancer with a beautifully melodic singing voice. He proudly showed off his hard earned Glitterball trophy, beaming with pride but never gloating, used his self deprecating humour to avoid any such thing! He explained his own journey to the top of his career with the vital importance of Burn the Floor as a feeder group for him and many other of the professional dancers being invited to join Strictly’, the alumni is littered with faces we all now know as household names.

Burn the Floor has revolutionised Ballroom style over the past two decades, with jaw-dropping choreography and ground breaking moves full of infectious, rebellious energy; there is the seriously romantic Waltz, a futuristic Foxtrot, the passion of Tango and Paso Doble entwining together. Emotional power exudes in the Cha Cha, Samba and Jive whilst the smoking, irresistible Rumba leaves you breathless.

The Grand Opera House was packed to the rafters with a highly energised audience; thrilled by the blistering performances on stage - by sheer audience demand there were at least three frenetic repeats of the Ballroom Blitz finale.

The intensity of emotion was scorching; the heat generated both on and off stage could so easily have caused another fire at the theatre…… sizzlingly hot dancing, a red hot live band and a superbly talented eclectic mix of singers and music styles.

Kevin Clifton, Graziano Di Prima and Johannes Radebe have all signed up for the next season of Strictly Come Dancing, unless you are lucky enough to catch them on this rapidly selling out UK tour you will just have to wait til then!

Burn the Floor Tour Details
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