Q&A : King No-One

24th February 2017

Ahead of their exciting UK tour, King No-One’s Zach Lount tells us all about the band’s music, hopes, dreams, stage experiences and fashion tips.

One&Other: You have come on a lot in the past few years. For you personally, what have felt like significant parts of this journey?

Zach Lount: For me, it was finding out how my subconscious worked, as it’s it that drives my writing. Learning how I felt and mastering the way of expressing it to the audience through the art of music and performance.

But a particular moment in time was on the last tour. We were six dates down and four to go and we’d noted that every night a huge crowd had glitter on. Our manager said it was because of us but I’d assumed this was just because glitter was ace, I was wearing two stripes every night. However in London, I’d commented on a group’s glitter effort and they told us it was all for King No-One. The feeling was ineffable.

O&O: Your Fibbers shows have famously been selling out. What is it like playing like to such big audiences?

ZL: It’s truly wonderful. There’s such an atmosphere in the room, you can feel a powerful energy surrounding everything and it brings out these almost animalistic traits within us as a band. We step on that stage and the fire starts, not one of us can plan what we do and how we play. We just react to our surroundings and the audience that become part of one moment for all in the room to share.

King No-One by Ben Bentley

King No-One by Ben Bentley

O&O: What is the funniest thing a fan has said about you?

ZL: We’ve seen some hilarious memes about our recent single Alcatraz, and videos of people jumping over and stumbling trying to get to their speakers to turn it up. But something really made us giggle recently: I get drawings sent in quite a lot to which they’re usually very good! And sweet. However, someone in South America send in a picture of me where my cheeks were pizza slices, the rest was indescribable.

O&O: Your upcoming tour is indicative of your recent rise to fame. What venues and cities do you get most excited to play in?

ZL: Quite literally all of them. It’s strange because every cities has there own culture and perspective towards us, which on tour gives us different stimulations and there’s something to look forward to in each place. But there’s a real hot buzz for us in Manchester, we’re selling out the venues way in advance, to which we’ll then scale up double the size of venue and it happens again. Brighton is a dream as it’s the liberal capital, which suits us as we’re all about equality.

O&O: What’s next for you post tour?

ZL: At the stage we’re at, plans come in so quick and change so much that all we can do is speculate. But we’ll be doing a healthy festival season i’m sure.

King No-One by Ben Bentley

King No-One by Ben Bentley

O&O: We love your wardrobe choices. Who and what influences you both musically and clothes wise?

ZL: Musically, it’s always been drawn from life experiences and other people. Emotions, frustrations and thoughts that need expressing. I do this naturally through striking chords and notes that evoke something. To which I then learn what i’m wanting to say. Very unorthodox I know, haha. Due to where it was, when I grew up I was always a bit different, and people would mock me for my dress sense, usually due to its flamboyancy.

A lot of people didn’t get it or me, but I always liked that - it was something that i’d grown to enjoy and get used to. And when I integrated into big cities, I realised people loved it. I loved it. Now I use the stage to wear whatever I like, it’s my home. Clothing is another way of expression, so when I’m on that stage I need to find something that does it justice.

O&O: Zach, you are doing a solo show at The Basement soon, is this suggesting more solo projects lurk around the corner?

ZL: It’s more of a way to display the true emotions and meanings behind the songs, which can sometimes get hidden within the crazy sell out shows. So these will be just about the songs themselves!

O&O: You have spoken out in the past very eloquently about some political things, notably feminism. Is this something you hope your fans listen to and do these thought influence your lyrics?

ZL: Yes absolutely! And our fans really do listen, and we feel we really help them understand truths. We can rally support for our beliefs and our fans help spread messages, because we’re an opinion they trust. The new generations are much more intelligent and inquisitive than people think, scarily so. And with all the growing oppressive movements worldwide at the minute, they’re becoming incredibly involved with political feelings at such a young age. They’re our future and that gives me confidence.

I write for feelings. I write for them. I write for the future.

King No-One by Ben Bentley

King No-One by Ben Bentley

King No-One
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