Putting the Art into Filmmaking: In Conversation With Sam Boullier

17th July 2017

Sam Boullier, FilmYork, filmmaking in York

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Sam Boullier is a filmmaker who interests us. His devotion to the art form and different methods of filming things have reflected a real passion for his art. Last time we caught up with him was for the Rebel Rebel issue of the print magazine (skip to page 24 here ), now with a series of new projects on the horizon we thought we were long overdue a catch up.

What have you been working on since we last chatted?

Ah, we spoke maybe 18 months ago? Longer? I’m not sure. Since then I’ve been shooting a bunch of music videos, a children’s film with Katie Lumia, prepping and performing an audio-visual show with Elsa Hewitt, I produced and edited a short documentary for the BBC and BFI with Alex Campbell, loads of things!

To date, what project do you feel really showcases you as an artist?

I was talking about this last weekend with someone, at Brainchild Arts Festival down in Lewes. To be honest I’m not really sure I’ve ever made a single piece that showcases me as an artist completely, aesthetically or in terms of content. I mean, the variety of work I do, by its very nature of being kinda sprawling and fluid, means I don’t feel very single-minded or streamlined in my methodology. I can see recurring elements, both in my approach to producing artwork and the topics and themes I am interested in exploring, but I only notice that after making the work.

What are you working on at the moment?

Recently I’ve been bringing together a series of ideas I’ve had for quite a long time, a project called Hey Angels (link here), which is an experimental feature film and multi-screen installation.

Sam Boullier, FilmYork, filmmaking in York

Sam Boullier

How can people see it?

The best way to keep updated on that is to follow the Facebook page. Certain elements that when put together create Hey Angels have already been screened in a variety of places, films like Letter To Memphis and The Colours & The Kids, at a bunch of film festivals, in art shows and the like, but as a whole work, it is yet to be screened. I should have an exciting audio-visual experience ready for the world by the end of the year, which I aim to exhibit in London, York and Cardiff for sure.

Describe your creative process?

Sometimes an entire idea comes out all at once, other times tiny elements of an idea come to me over years and years. But working in film, particularly, means that the number of elements you have to juggle become, not confused, but rather, they flow very naturally, and your process has to adapt depending on both the content and collaborators that each given project has.

What sort of music do you use?

Sheesh, apologies in advance for another vague answer, but it all depends on the project. There are 13 songs in Hey Angels, of which seven are original compositions from five different musicians. I use music I love, from artists I admire, that have created or I know can create sounds that feel how I want the audience to feel. It can vary from Newcastle-based psychedelic guitar music to traditional Gambian folk via French drone music, all in the same film. It really depends.

When are you at your happiest on a project?

Filming with friends. And editing alone. Those are the two extremes within the process I find to be the most rewarding.

Sam Boullier, FilmYork, filmmaking in York

Sam Boullier

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