Print is Alive! Add a Little Caboodle to the Mix

By Vicky Parry | 19th May 2016

Kayti Peschke: Co-Founder of Caboodle Magazine

Kayti Peschke: Co-Founder of Caboodle Magazine

At One&Other we have been fans of Kayti Peschke’s photography for quite some time. Her vivid use of colour and tongue in cheek (dare I say Kitsch?) style of fashion photography and reportage have long impressed us. As did the work she did on the glorious hardback book "Made in England - The Artisans Behind the Hand built British Bicycle". It therefore came as great news when we discovered that she was now lending her own unique style and brand to printed media by producing the ever so pretty Caboodle magazine.

We caught up with Kayti to hear all about how she got started and why the printed medium will never die.

Issue one cover Caboodle Magazine

Issue one cover Caboodle Magazine

Please could you tell us about Caboodle?

Caboodle is a new magazine made by me and my friend Amy, which features crafts, recipes, fashion, vintage, interiors, travel and lifestyle, with a focus on the handmade.

What gap did you see in the market which led you to create such a beautiful product?

I’ve always loved having my work in magazines, nothing beats the pride of seeing a cover you shot on a shop shelf, or flicking through and seeing something you worked on! And I guess I had always dreamt of starting my own mag up so when the opportunity arose I dived in. I love the new breed of independent mags out there with beautiful design and paper, Betty, Flow, Ballad Of, Frankie are particular faves. I think I just want to see a really fun, colourful magazines with a really uplifting nature, I’m not sure if it was a gap in the market as such, more thinking there was room for one more, but done in our style! We want is to be aspirational without being unattainable, something for real life!

What attracts you to the printed medium?

Oh I just love it! Having a nice hefty mag to flick through is bliss, the feel of a nice matt paper and the smell! I have 800 Caboodle magazines in my office right now and the smell is amazing haha! I’ve always hoarded magazines, and love having a good stash to read!

Having a nice hefty mag to flick through is bliss

Could you tell us a little about yourself and your co founder?

Amy and I met through supporting our other halves at a bike show and I thought ‘she’s cool!’, we chatted a bit on Instagram and last summer started emailing each other regularly and realised we had a lot in common, we kept saying we should get our heads together and do something creative. Amy is a writer and has lots of editorial experience and I have been a photographer for 15 years so the idea of doing a magazine came up and it just blossomed from there! We kind of dived into it blind and worked things out as we went, six months ago I had never even used InDesign before so its been a big learning curve and there has been a bit of shouting at the computer screen but we couldn’t be happier with how it has turned out! Amy lives in Norfolk and I am in York so the whole thing came together by lots of emails and text messages, but thank god Amy and I seem to be brain twins and share a lot of ideas so its worked amazingly considering we haven’t set foot in the same room together since this started haha!

Where would readers in York be able to get a copy?

You can order the magazine direct from our website (here) and it is available through some great shops around the country already but I’m working on finding somewhere local to stock the magazine too, it would be ace to see it on a shop shelf in York!

Caboodle Spread

Caboodle Spread

Are you looking to distribute nationally?

Yep we have a distributor who has got us in some great outlets across London and some fab independent bookshops across the UK like Foyles, Ideas On Paper, Wardour News, Magazine Brighton. We are hoping to grow our stockist list and add some international sellers too. We have already sold to Australia, Brazil, Japan, America, Norway and Canada via our website so think there will be lots of Caboodle loving people out there!

How can people get involved with submissions?

We love working with lots of creatives; writers, illustrators, photographers, crafts people and cooks, and love people wanting to get involved so welcome submission emails. I used to email tons of magazines with submissions myself and know what it feels like to be ignored or rejected by them, so want to try and include as many people as I can with Caboodle. I don’t want anyone to feel turned away by us, so we will use submissions in the magazine as much as we can where they fit in, and elsewhere on our blog and social media too. Even if we just give someone an Instagram shout out, we love to share creatives and makers with our readers and spread the word about all the amazing things people are doing, it should be celebrated!

What does your every day Caboodle reader look for in a magazine?

I think our readers are a colourful and fun bunch, who have a real sense of their own style and want to sit down when they get chance and enjoy an uplifting read with a cuppa and some cake! We have had amazing feedback so far and the thought that people will be making flamingo brooches and S’mores Sundaes this summer inspired by us is amazing! We really wanted to create something that wasn’t throwaway, that people would keep and re-read and treasure on their bookshelf, and keep going back to the crafts and recipes when they were ready. Seeing everyone posting gorgeous piccies on Instagram of them reading their mags in the sunshine and enjoying what we’ve produced is so, so nice.

Spread from issue 1

Spread from issue 1

"We really wanted to create something that wasn't throwaway"

How regularly will you be producing the magazine?

We are bi-annual this year and will be moving to quarterly in 2016.

How much is it?

Its £7.00 an issue.

Who are your heroes in publishing?

From the 90s I loved The Face, Dazed, Sleazenation and started reading Vogue then too which got me into long narrative based fashion stories in amazing locations, which I love! Vogue mags usually lounge around on my coffee table for a while, get read and then I rip out all the editorials I like and if its a nice cover rip that off too, but the rest goes in the bin, it’s mostly ads and irrelevent articles to me! I think that inspired me to make Caboodle a mag with gorgeous editorials but with other content that actually appealed to me. So we basically made a magazine that appealed to ourselves and thank god there are people out there who are digging it too! I also shot for a magazine called Super Super about 7 years ago that opened my eyes to how fun and colourful a magazine could be and not take itself too seriously, yet still be true to its beliefs. I loved shooting for them! Currently I think my fave magazine out there is Flow, I read it cover to cover and love everything especially it’s laid back thinking and love of good paper!

If you were to describe Caboodle in five words, what are they?

Fun, Happy, Colourful, Inspiring and Joyous!

What are your plans for the coming year?

We are working on the AW issue and are expanding our craft and recipe pages and have some amazing contributers involved, as well as preparing for going quarterly next year with lots of fashion shoots happening in the next few months while the weather is nice! We also will continue to update our blog and social media with fun projects and giveaways between issues, we want to create a fun online community that is year round. We are also planning some crafternoons and events out and about too, we are sponsoring the Vintage Festival at York Racecourse later this month and are holding craft workshops in the Make Do & Mend Hall, so come down and say hi and join in the Caboodle fun!

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