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7th May 2015

York’s vibrant food scene has certainly peacocked over the last few years, showing off its offerings to locals and visitors alike. Whilst the city’s obsession with food is easily visible from simply walking round, and exploring its heritage, the future generation of producers, critics and food experts can also be found online. Here we take a look just a few of York’s online blogging community, all with their own unique insights.

How many points?

How many points?

Bethan Vincent Creator of and Vincent’s Coffee

After moving to York to study in 2010, Bethan Vincent decided to make the city her permanent home. The voice behind the words at Audacity of Food, and the proprietor of Vincent’s Coffee, Bethan describes having always had an interest in food and drink.
As well as writing recipes, reviews of independent food producers and retailers, it is the ethics of food business that is the driving force behind her inquisitiveness:

“A degree in History involves a lot of analysis and questioning of information, which for me, led to questioning the source and ideology behind we consume and the impact this consumption has on the world.”

“Food is something we all require and should consume daily, therefore any innovations and improvements we can make in this sector have the potential to really drive meaningful change in the world”

Read her blog HERE.

Jill Turton and Mandy Wragg Creators of

Jill and Mandy admit that the name of their website has rather cheeky origins; after seeing a piece of graffiti in a swanky restaurant describing a pretentiously over-fussy meal, “SquidBeak” was born. In essence, SquidBeak means honest, good food- certainly not style over substance.

In seeking out the best of Yorkshire’s foodie establishments, Jill and Mandy have accumulated a dedicated following of readers. The range of reviews on their website display something for everyone; from the best of Yorkshire fine dining to more straightforward bites, there are plenty of hand-picked establishments to choose from.

“We enjoy writing about Yorkshire food because we want to celebrate all that’s good in the county and there are a lot of good places. We get lots of good feedback from places we review and from readers.”

“I think people appreciate most of all that we are independent. Mandy and I both write a regular restaurant review column for the Yorkshire Post and for other national guides, so we are well tuned in to what’s going on.”

Read their blog HERE.

Ben Thorpe Creator of York on a Fork

It’s always pleasant to see beautiful photography accompanying a well-written food article; both the blog and e-zine counterpart of York on a Fork feature tantalising restaurant reviews, where you wish you could reach and take a bite out of your computer screen.

Ben created York on a Fork out of a passion for local food and drink, having seen a lack of thoroughly dedicated reviews and write-ups of York’s restaurant scene.

“York on a Fork was originally conceived as my response to frequently being asked for advice on where to go and eat and as some attempt at justifying eating out so much! York has some wonderful independent places to eat and not enough people shouting about them; working with a very talented graphic designer, a marvellously enthusiastic deputy editor and a team of wonderful contributors we aim to give them a voice.”

Read York on a Fork HERE.

Kellie Craig Creator of

Studying for three years in Manchester has certainly influenced Kellie’s mission to explore the best of the North’s food and drink. Currently focusing on her hometown of York and the wider region of Yorkshire, her blog celebrates regional food and drink through creating her own recipes alongside bites of food history, as well as exploring the best of Yorkshire’s food establishments.

“Blue Star Foodie came about after a need to collect all of my food related ramblings all in one place. I regularly create off-the-cuff recipes and usually forget about them; I always wanted to start blogging but never had a reason, now I think I’ve found it!”

“The inspiration behind the name of my website came after working as a Barista at an amazing converted Airstream caravan at the Marina in Bishopthorpe. Having been trained in how to make the best coffee at such a meticulous level of accuracy, I wanted to continue this dedication for detail in my writing and celebration of local food and drink.”

Read her blog HERE.

Elly McCausland Creator of Nutmegs, Seven.

Elly, a food blogger based in York, has recently been nominated as Best Online Food Writer in the Fortnum and Mason Food and Drink Awards, for her work on her blog Nutmegs, Seven. Elly’s website features exquisitely bright and colourful food photography, celebrating her favourite ingredient; fruit.

Admitting that until the age of seventeen, cheese sandwiches were a standard feature of her daily fare, Elly uses a plethora of exotic ingredients to create new and exciting recipes featuring a food group that many people aim to incorporate into their lives more often.

“My inspiration comes mostly from fruit - my favourite ingredient. I’m always thinking up new and delicious ways of incorporating it into sweet and savoury recipes. I’m also inspired by the spices and flavours of the Middle East and South-East Asia, and by breakfast - by far my favourite meal to cook, and the one I find most inspiring!”

Read her blog HERE.

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