Music Video Premiere: Luke Saxton

30th March 2015

For the past three months or so, Luke Saxton - who regularly tops recommended lists in The Guardian and NME after his auspicious signing to Bad Paintings and the release of his first album Sunny Sadness - has been recording his new album Green Garden Stories.

"After writing and demoing two albums over the past couple of years, I decided to shelve them and start from scratch on something completely new, as the other two were clearly not working," says the self-effacing musician, who has written and recorded hundreds of songs for someone of his tender age.

Luke has teamed up with music video director Callum Scott-Dyson to make two videos, one being Alexandra which was filmed at Luke’s home "as I was obsessed with my music room, which I’d just painted blue, and thought would be great to see visually with music. With a few plants and silly ideas we pulled off a very colourful and cool looking video, I was chuffed with how it turned out."

Luke had written an album back in 2012 (when he was seventeen) and began listening to the recordings with a mind to revisiting them, "as I have so many songs sitting around that have never been heard."

The loose concept running through Luke’s new album is ‘Day and Night.’ The first half of the album, says Luke, is "intentionally very upbeat and fast tempo and the second half very quiet and sleepy"- a lot of the songs were drawn from dreams Luke had, with influences by The Beach Boys’ albums Smiley Smile and Wild Honey & Friends. "I’ve had an obsession with those two for many years now and felt it was about time I made an ode to them. They were all albums made In Brian Wilson’s home studio so I felt they where great ones to draw inspiration from. recording at home has its setbacks but I enjoy working around them."

Luke’s new album will be out at some point in the next year. In the meantime, the director of the Alexandra music Video, Callum Scott-Dyson, talks about how they chose the quirky visual style: "I worked with Luke a few times in the past: we’d built a good solid foundation when it comes to making videos for his songs, and I tend to now have a much better idea of the sort of video he’s after and how to bring it to life." Director and musician adopted a ‘lo-fi’ approach, as opposed to other videos they’d seen which employed more elaborate techniques or are based around a solid story.

Alexandra by Luke Saxton

Alexandra by Luke Saxton

"We strove in the final film to not over-complicate it, not wanting to risk it being cluttered. I think we struck the middle ground pretty well: the video has an element of invention all in the one room, creating a parable of sorts to Luke’s music, how he does his albums all in what he calls the ‘Music Room’ at home. But hopefully it’s got enough space for the viewer to sit back and enjoy the song.

You can listen to more of Luke’s music at his SOUNDCLOUD PAGE below.

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