Music Review: Thomas Truax

By Miles Watts | 19th May 2016

Full Moon Over Wowtown

Thomas Truax is a musical witch doctor travelling from town to town with his suitcases full of eccentric inventions: The Hornicator, Mother Superior and The Backbeater all sound like instruments of erotic Catholic torture but all serve to keep time, add flavour to create an arresting sound, accompanied by Truax’s haunting, funny resonance.

Kicking out the jams

A packed room of appreciative fans and newcomers at The Fulford Arms were there to welcome Truax back to York, a place to which he’s been welcomed several times before and will doubtless be welcomed again.

His set is in turns comic (during ‘Full Moon Over Wowtown’ he projects a moon onto the - admittedly low - ceiling, then leads the crowd on a merry procession into the beer garden) alluring, surprising and melancholy, as if a young Tom Waits had strayed off the set of a David Lynch movie - Truax did in fact release a ‘Songs From The Films of David Lynch’ album a few years back, the cover made of blue velvet. Nice touch.

Why Dogs Howl At The Moon

Spinning anecdotes, true, imaginary or both, about spiders and friends and girls and travels, Truax mesmerises the crowd, jokes with them, walks among them with his guitar, asks for assistance in operating some of his contraptions, wears spinning light goggles, sings about a lost love who’s ‘left the nest’ and finally brings things to a conclusion with the raucous favourite ‘Why Dogs Howl At The Moon’.

As always, the show is a spectacle and it leaves you with a plethora of emotions, aware that you’ve enjoyed yourself but also experienced something special and unable to shake it off for a good few days.

  • Miles Watts

Truax’s shows are a truly original experience and you should make tracks to see how on his continuing tour at

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