Music Q&A: Worm

By Vicky Parry | 26th May 2015

Still of Worm live in concert

Still of Worm live in concert

Worm have been on our radar for quite some time now. From the temporary ashes of the very loud Bull, they have united to form one of the most respected bands on the circuit.

We caught up with the band in advance of their EP launch on 6 June (at The Inkwell) to hear all about what inspires them, how they came about and what their dreams for the future are. How long have you guys (and girl) been together for? What is your story?

We’ve been together about two years. Me (Rory) and Dan are also in another four letter animal named band called Bull, however the singer of Bull (Tom Beer) went away to Uni to get an education and learn how to be an independent functioning human being. This threw a spanner in the works for me and Dan as we’d become so accustomed to getting our fix of rock and roll each week that now we were hooked.

We had to do something about this devastating turn of events, so we decided to form a super rock and roll group that harnessed everything we had learned from our brief time on this planet, and turned it into a sludgy mess of ear-numbing noise. I’d written some song ideas and me and Dan played them through together, reworked them and eventually got a couple of songs that would work well in a band. At the time we were listening to a lot of Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Japanese Voyeurs, Pixies, so we knew we wanted to be very dynamic and we wanted to be fuzzed up and loud when everything was in.

We didn’t really know who to get in on drums and bass or how to go about getting them involved, so we asked Tom. He immediately asked his sister Holly, who played bass and she was up for it. She also had great engineering skills so she built Jimmy the robot out of odd bits of broken drums, Dan taught him the classic 4/4 rock beat and from there, using his inbuilt capacity for learning, he taught himself. Since then, we’ve been practicing quite a lot, done some gigs and recorded an EP in Leeds with Dan which is now for sale.

Are you quite close as a band?

We’re really close as a band: if you’ve ever seen the movie Stuck on You starring Matt Damon and Greg Kinear, it’s like that but with four people. This makes going to the bathroom pretty hard but it’s worth it for all music we end up writing while we’re doing mundane, everyday things like brushing our teeth, taking out the rubbish, and walking to work at the circus. It’s hard but we love it.

Your sound is very grungy: do you see something of a resurgence in Grunge or do you see it as a constant?

I think the Man uses media beams to hypnotise kids into thinking certain things are cool, but unfortunately he ran out of ideas so had to repeat himself that’s why in our generation of disillusioned youths there’s an orgasmic smorgasbord of cultural influence. We liked the grungy bit, along with a load of other people, probably because our parents used to play us The Melvins as they rocked us to sleep, and they really didn’t care about bathtime. In the words of wise old Rafiki, “Look closer” and you’ll see there’s a resurgence in pretty much everything at all times, it just depends where you’re looking. Or, in other words, it’s constant.

Still of Worm live in concert

Still of Worm live in concert

"I think the Man uses media beams to hypnotise kids into thinking certain things are cool, unfortunately he ran out of ideas so had to repeat himself that’s why in our generation of disillusioned youths there’s an orgasmic smorgasbord of cultural influence."

What inspires you to make music?

We’re mainly inspired by the idea of getting so rich that we couldn’t possibly spend all the money. UNLESS we bought our own island (I’m thinking maybe Cyprus) and we employed good-looking people to hang out with us and tell us how great we are. We’d use £50 notes as toilet roll and we’d skim coins across the beautiful ocean. We’d be served fine wines by monkey butlers and Aerosmith would be the house band on our massive yacht. On a serious note, the content of the lyrics is the thing that inspires me to write a song and then putting it together as a band is just really fun, and it feels worth while.

Talk us through a typical rehearsal?

Me and Dan arrive at Holly’s house and stare at the wall in silence feeling lost and confused, once Jimmy arrives he immediately disrobes and lathers himself in peanut butter, rings the bell and tells us to begin.

I usually bring in a song, everybody listens and adds in their own parts and then talks through the structure and what bits can be added to improve the song. We talk a lot about dynamics because that’s one of the most important parts of our style. Dan and Holly also bring in songs and we work through them in a similar way, it’s about doing what’s best for the song. Sometimes other members of the band get to be the peanut wizard, but Jimmy’s the best.

What gigs do you have lined up for the coming months?

We’re going to do an in store gig on the 6th of June at the Inkwell on Gillygate to support the release of our EP. We’re also planning a headliner at Dusk which they don’t know about yet but oh boy, will they soon. Apart from that we’re free as a worm, a very lonely worm who really wants some gigs, love me?

Tell our readers about the live experience of seeing you guys play?

I’ve never seen us play but I imagine it’s great, we’re all really good looking and we’ve choreographed a great live show for everyone. Also I’ve just taken out a payday loan so we can buy a really ace light rig: it has an inbuilt confetti machine and flame cannons! No, but seriously, our live show is loud, quite, raw, cooked, and probably sweaty if there were more people there. What are your recording plans for the future?

We’ve just released our first EP which we recorded way back when with Dan at Leeds College of Music. It’s taken us a long time to get it out for various reasons but we’ve been continuing to write, and we’re really happy with the new stuff! We’ll be recording either over summer or just after. We’ll definitely do it with Dan again, not because he’s good per se, more because he looks great riding the faders.

Who would be your dream label to sign with?

Anybody who will give us 500K upfront, and a great evening out on the company card. If it doesn’t involve Limo rides, champagne and imported lobster then we’re not interested. Unless it’s Bad Paintings, they could just treat us to a McDonalds.

If you were to describe your sounds to new listeners in one sentence, what would it be?

Whale song out of water.

You can listen to some of Worm’s music using the link below

Listen to Worm here
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