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30th May 2016

A new regular series by Steve Piper following York’s bright young noisemakers around some cool and unusual venues.


Sam (with Tom in the background) performing at Fulford Arms with Washing Machine Repair Man - (All images by Steve Piper)

Young Thugs, Musical Hugs

Young Thugs Records is a new addition to York’s always buzzing music scene, but it’s full of familiar faces to anyone lurking around the city gig circuit.

Starting out as an experimental album project by founders Dave (Washing Machine Repair Man) and Danny (Slab), it quickly expanded into a chaotic mixture of collaborations and live sessions variously featuring faces from The Lungs, Bull, We Are Hannah, Hyde Family Jam, Sam Griffiths, Coffee Films, Dead Drummer, LUUNA, Ben Elliot, South Bank Suicide Club and probably more that I’ve forgotten.

Washing Machine Repair Man

Kai, Tom, Sam and Dave (Washing Machine Repair Man) rehearse for a live session at The Hovel studio


Bonnie in the music video for "Low Mood" by Death of the Lady

Inevitably, conversations soon emerged debating what to do with all the creativity, and a new label was the result, focused on working with the cream of the musical talent from the York area, and getting it heard well beyond the city walls.

Music as an industry has been in a weird place for close to a decade; smoking bans and music licensing killed a huge number of amazing regional live venues, MP3s beat CDs slowly to death and video killed the radio star, so quite what a label does anymore is anyone’s guess; but you can still have a lot of fun working it out.


Dave performing at Fulford Arms with Washing Machine Repair Man

We’re hoping to apply as much creativity to the business of music as the creation of it; artists will record albums and the usual thing, but our focus is very on-line over physical, trying out a pay-what-you-want approach swimming with extras like live studio sessions, free releases of studio experiments, film projects and word of mouth gigs in weird places.

Officially, Young Thugs launches over summer and will quickly be churning out new music every few days across an incredibly eclectic range of genres from indie guitars to polished pop, analogue infested techno, screaming punk and uncategorisable jam sessions, we hope it can be the sound of York, and we know for sure at the very least it’ll be interesting.

I’ll be blogging here regularly at One&Other on how it progresses, with details very soon for the first album (“Bingo Hall of the Dead” from South Bank Suicide Club featuring Bonnie Milnes, Slab, Tom Beer, Dan Lucas, Martyn Fillingham and Kev Potter), singles (TBC), our website and some pretty videos to go with them; check out the Facebook and stuff yo’, come hug the Thugs x

Steve Piper (Young Thugs Records / Coffee Films)


James and Dan (from Bull) recording for the South Bank Suicide Club album "Bingo Hall of the Dead"


Dave in recording sessions at The Hovel studio with South Bank Suicide Club

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