Music Blog: Young Thugs Episode 4 – So that was 2016, and this is 2017

20th January 2017

Lungs by Ben Bentley

Lungs by Ben Bentley

As 2016’s dying breaths echo away we’ve been taking stock of year 1 and getting set for year 2 here at Young Thugs.

Hunter S Thompson once said “The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.” Given that, it feels like we’ve done alright for a first year, even as the double-ended dildo of Brexit and President Trump ass-to-assed itself upon our planet.

It was a funny (in a weird sense) year, and we started it with some funny (in a weird and a ha-ha sense) music in the form of South Bank Suicide Club’s hugely collaborative “Bingo Hall of the Dead” album, and SBSC have been recording a pile of new songs which hopefully means album number two a bit later in 2017.

(South Bank Suicide Club - Liquify My Prey by Coffee Films)

We had the first of our Hovel2 gigs, in the marginally larger room down the hall a bit from the Hovel, and were blessed with a line up of Colonel Handypants, Washing Machine Repairman, The Howl and the Hum, Tooth, Bull and …And the Hangnails shaking the foundations of the sleepy social club in a way I doubt they’d ever quite been shaken before; and we’re looking at how we can make this a regular thing.

(The Lungs – Julianna Buttermaker Part 2 by Sam Boullier)

In the closing months of the year our long planned Hovel Sessions crammed 40 people into a tiny room for intimate acoustic sets from Washing Machine Repairman and The Lungs; videos of both are coming soon, and you can catch the Washing Machine set on CDs at gigs or on Soundcloud here.

(A teaser for the Hovel Sessions videos coming soon)

But first for 2017? We’re well happy to be working with LUUNA on their debut release, the Moonflower EP, due out in early March (and available for pre-order as CD or vinyl on their website here). As a teaser on the content there’s going to be three videos released of a live session performance of the EP in the coming months, and you can catch the first of these, Remedy, below.

York’s music scene felt pretty damn vibrant last year, and it’s been exciting to be part of it, let’s see what you’ve got 2017…

(LUUNA – Remedy, the De Grey Rooms Session by Coffee Films)

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