Miss Trout's Charity Ball For Endometriosis

By Anna Rogers | 14th May 2015

Miss Trout Presents...

Miss Trout Presents...

On 17 July this year author/illustrator Miss Trout will be partnering with bohemian venue The Fleeting Arms to host a Sparkling Charity Ball in aid of Endometriosis & the Charity Endometriosis UK.

Anna speaks openly about her own battle with the condition and wants to spread awareness about the symptoms, condition and treatment options whilst giving to Endometriosis UK.

Anna says "It’s a subject I’m very passionate about and I’ve wanted to host a Charity Ball in aid of this for some time but couldnt afford the venues - then the Fleeting Arms popped up and bingo: I had a cool, bohemian venue to host my ball - and they are letting us use it for free"

Anna sees this event as a labour of love and will be personally donating a contribution to the venue as a thank you, all ticket proceeds will however go to the charity, as will profits made from the local business donations for Raffles in the Miss Trout auction.

Rusty Pegs are playing live music and the venue will be decked out in spangles and glitter, ready for a stunning night of fun, decadence and awareness raising.

Anna feels so strongly about doing this because it is a condition she has lived with since she was 16 (she is now 28) but it took 5 years to be properly diagnosed. Following her diagnosis she has had several operations and ovarian cysts removed over the years and was advised to have children before 30. Luckily she has conceived easily despite a hard pregnancy where the cervix started to fail at keeping him in place.

Anna says "It’s affected my life so much, I currently have a hormone implant inserted in my tummy every month until August, which shuts down my ovaries and puts me in a temporary menopause state to try and give me a break from the periods and shrink the endometriosis down. It has nasty side effects like nausea and hot flushes and is just as awful as having the endometriosis in a way. Next option is a hysterectomy next year but its a very emotive thing to have to decide before 30."

Anna however wants to turn this journey into a positive and help the charity in a new way, she wants to help raise awareness to the condition which 1.5 million women in the UK alone are living with. She also promises a "beautiful and magical night out for a wonderful cause".

Tickets for the night are only £12 and can be bought by the link below. All she asks is that you dress up, have fun and give to a great cause.

Endometriosis UK
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