Miss Trout Blogs: Life Outside The Fishbowl - Summer Family Theatre

By Anna Rogers | 13th August 2017

Hello Beauties!

It’s been yonks since my intro blog back in the Spring and since then I’ve been a very busy fish so I thought I’d touch base with what’s new in my world and give you my family theatre Summer round up of all things spangly, arty and not to be missed.

I kicked off my Spring with a thirtieth Birthday (yikes) and a trip to Oz where I took the fellow Trout Brood off to Manly Beach to stay with family. It was as they say a trip of a lifetime and uber special, zenning out on beaches and soaking up some gorgeous sunshine. But it does lack the ridiculously talented and ever growing arts scene we have at our fingertips here in little old York, and so for that I was happy to be back once the dream was over. I also announced my third pregnancy - hence why I’ve been a little on the hushed side! Beautiful news and even nicer now its all out in the open, weeny sprat is due this October and growing like a beaut!

On returning from Oz, I had a fab time collaborating with the inspiring Children’s Company Ingenues at their first Birthday bash, infusing their kick ass empowering female icon workshops for kids, with some of my pop up props and storytelling. A company well worth checking out, focusing on iconic historical women and their bold and life changing careers.

As well as this, I’ve been kept busy with commissioned bespoke birthday invitations, writing new material to be adapted for festivals next year ( watch this space), performing in Next Door But One’s recent production ‘Any Mother Would’ and rehearsing for a collaborative local library tour of ‘Alice In Wonderland’ with Paper Planes and Daisy Chains Theatre!

So that’s me and where I am!

Here’s my round up of Summer Theatre Goodness so far for the family.


The Great Yorkshire Fringe

An event every year that has something scrummy to suit everyone and anyone! This year I focused on my eldest, tiny trout’s viewing and took her to watch ‘The Scarecrows’ Wedding’ by the incredible Scamp Theatre. We were both enthralled and had a ball watching this colourful show in the White Rotunda Tent. Tiny Trout is four and a half and rated it ‘The best show she had seen this year’. Enough said really. Even though the GYF is now over, I urge any parents with littlins to catch Scamp Theatre if they get the chance to. You won’t regret it, their shows are packed with in jokes for the rents( I spent most of this show laughing my pants off at the outrageously french ‘Reginald Rake’ character - you need to see his solo number, its gold dust!) and the whole family will leave smiling and loving theatre which is what it’s all about.


Bronzehead Theatre - The Lazy Tour

Bronzehead Theatre bring the talents of Wilkie Collins and Charles Dickens to life gloriously, in this open air two hander. Family friendly , which is always an added bonus for theatre lovers with babes, and short but sweet at 20 mins running time, this was a lovely way to idly spend the afternoon down at Rowntree Park with a picnic and some golden English sunshine. My small two were giggling away at the energetic performances and eagerly watched the whole way through, which is testament to the company’s power. Catch them at Rowntree Park Stage area on Sunday 20 August at 12.30 pm and 3pm, as well as an additional performance at The Shambles Market, 12.30pm on Wednesday 16 August. FREE to watch - which is insane when you see the quality of this company, there’s no excuse not to catch this!


Paper Planes, Daisy Chains and Miss Trout present Alice in Wonderland

Paper Planes and Daisy Chains Theatre AND Miss Trout present The Alice in Wonderland Library Tour

Full of outlandish nonsensical silliness we bring you in interactive promenade, the much loved Lewis Carrol tale filled with our handmade props, ridiculous songs and plenty of magic and mayhem. Guaranteeing a unique and refreshing adaptation, I am mega excited for this one! You can catch us on Thursday 17 August at 10am at Clifton Library / 1pm at Huntington Library and 3/4pm at Spa Gardens. No need to book, just turn up and jump into our Wonderland.

Double Ewe

Lastly: my ‘Peep of the week’- Whitney Ivey Straszewski of the stunning Double Ewe Designs.

Who are you?

I grew up in the mountains of Tennessee, USA surrounded by fibre crafts and creativity. When it comes to knitting, I’ve always been adventurous in trying new techniques and developing my own patterns, especially laces. In 2010, I moved to York, England, started building my own business making lace shawls, scarves and wraps. I work primarily in natural fibres, but will occasionally throw in some metallics for dramatic effect in my spinning. All pieces are my original designs, some even my own hand-spun or hand-dyed yarn, lovingly hand-knit by me.

What’s the inspiration behind your craft?

I like adapting traditional lace patterns into modern styles, and my designs are full of these variations. Each shawl design is named for important women in my life, and the patterns reflect something about each respective person. No two pieces even in the same design are alike, just as no two people by the same name are, and I like to see how subtle changes in yarn, colour, and texture change the overall feel and aesthetics of a shawl design.

What’s coming up for you in the next month?

I’ll be at the York River Art Market on 19 August and 2 September, with hopefully some new designs being debuted on the September market!

Best thing about being an independent artist in York?

York has such an amazing, and diverse, group of artists that are incredibly supportive of each other, whether it’s business advice, or hosting and attending each other’s events and pop-up shops.

How can people get in touch with you/check out your work?

Check out my website to view a gallery of all my pieces, as well as the online shop of what’s currently available. You can also find me on Facebook & Instagram (@doubleewedesigns for both), & Twitter (@doubleewedesign).

Have a gin soaked and dazzling week fishies!

Miss Trout x

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