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By Anna Rogers | 17th November 2018


The BFG In Pictures Exhibition

The BFG captivated the hearts of millions. The magical world of giant country, dreams, snozzcumbers and everlasting friendship was like no other and it still stands today as one of the most beloved children’s books to date.

I blinking adore Roald Dahl and I blinking adore Quentin Blake. They will always be two heroes of mine and two inspirational creative’s that I look up to professionally. Blake particularly for his unique illustrations that so easily stand out as his and his constant determination to stick to his quirky illustrative style, with belief and courage behind him. He firmly knew what worked for him and he passionately stuck to it. Etchy beautiful, energetic and eccletic artwork, with a fabulous twist of the extraordinary.

You can’t not think of Blake when you read Dahl’s books.

And that is the genius of his playful,distinctive drawings. I am a huge fan and if it isn’t already clear, he is a huge inspiration behind my own illustrations as Miss Trout. His hand drawn sketches, water colours and almost poetically etched work, echoes my own love of keeping illustrations classic … I’m not a big fan of digital illustrations and churning out the same old same old with technology doing all the hard work for you… it’s just not my thing. Give me some ink, paper, swirly handwriting and pastel coloured paints and I’m a happy lady!

So when I heard an exhibition of some of Blake’s original artwork was being installed as part of The Big Draw Festival 2018 - ‘The BFG In Pictures’ at York Art Gallery, we jumped at the chance to go re-live some childhood memories and share some new ones with The Trout Brood!

You Can't Not Think Of Blake When You Read Dahl' s Books.

Weeny Sprat

Making Dreams with Weeny Sprat

The exhibition is everything you’d hope for and more! Whether you are a fan of the book or not, the experience is truly scrummy and enchanting in every way. As always, the staff were full of friendly greetings and the gallery maintained its sensory friendly appeal, Smallfry LOVES this place. It’s like his second home.

We visited on a Saturday morning. Despite town being crammed with visitors for the Christmas Markets the gallery wasn’t overly busy at all. We headed straight to the main event … I’m not going to lie I was like a kid in a sweet shop. The exhibition, curated by Blake himself, is divided into sections, the first being an imagining of Sophies bedroom complete with furniture. This has gorgeous little interactive elements to it: dressing up as the BFG, a reading corner, a chalk board to draw your own illustrations on and a wish rack to write and hang your own dreams and wishes! Too much loveliness!

But the BEST part is BFG’S Cave! The gallery have really gone all out to make this a super magical space. Drip drop sound effects, glittering jars of spangling dust, and light boxes to trace and design your own dream jars. It’s simply delicious! I want to re create this for the trout broods bedroom… And maybe mine while I’m at it! We could have stayed in here for hours, it was just utterly enchanting. Smallfry and Weeny Sprat were completely immersed and engaged, as were we.


Smallfry Getting Arty

The icing on the cake is the final room which proudly holds forty original artworks of Blake’s, including rarely seen unpublished illustrations of The BFG. It’s a privilege to see such wonderful work up close, and really fascinating to watch some short video clips of Blake at work. The whole exhibition is so family friendly and oozing with pure magic. All I can say is Go Go Go … with your tinies in tow or without! Info • Free Admission for YMT Card Holder / Max Card • 20% off with a York Card • Open Daily - 10am - 5pm

The BFG In Pictures is on now until 24th February 2019.


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