Miss Trout Blogs: Life Outside The Fish Bowl - Blooming Spring

7th May 2018

Hello Fishies,

Well, Spring has most defo sprung here in York and it’s about time too! However much I adore the Winter snugs and the cosiness of York’s offerings, there’s no denying it’s been a long and tough one this year and I’m pretty happy to see the back of it! It’s a cliche but it’s true … everything feels so much better in the sunshine. When the blossom starts blooming that pink blush it spreads the gorgeous vibes that Summer is sizzling not too far behind!

On the blog today I delve into what the award winning York Art Gallery has to offer for a family trip out, chat to local Yorkie Alan Flower about his super fundraising antics this month and top you up on all things Trout.

York Art Gallery

Always keen to find cultural but fun family days out, the trout brood and I checked out York Art Gallery a few months ago and were more than just a little impressed. Aside from the stunning artwork and relaxed atmosphere, it’s a super family friendly experience that caters for art lovers of all ages and tastes.

Not only is the gallery max card friendly, always a bonus,it’s the perfect sanctuary for Smallfry and has since become his chosen chill out space particularly the ceramic exhibit. For those of you who don’t know, Smallfry has a sensory disorder and is awaiting an autism diagnosis. The gallery has been a perfect place for him to relax, get hands on and to quietly appreciate the art and space in his own way. What a beautiful outcome! I whole heartedly recommend the gallery for it’s understanding and inclusive approach all its visitors needs, and any parents with a little one on the spectrum can confidently feel relaxed and at ease there. The hands on pottery touch and feel and sketching is fab for sensory play and great for babes of all ages, from dinkies to older kids, Weeny Sprat even got involved! There’s a scrummy space room to explore, as well as some fab audio exhibits. The gallery run some lovely workshops during half terms so it’s well worth bringing your broods down to get stuck into some arty crafts.

The overall highlight was the captivating new exhibit The Sea Is The Limit. Featuring eleven international artists and laced with emotive links to the refugee migration crisis and the treacherous travel conditions, among other powerful subject matters, the exhibit blends the sense of hope and peril of the big blue with the many journeys taken. Thought provoking and poignant, the exhibit is both moving and alluring.The prize spectacle is the glittering coin mirage of paper boats that ooze the wonder and enchantment we typically associate with the sea, but not without its darker monetrary metaphors. This is something so spangly I fell in love with it and wanted to take it home with me! I urge you to go have a gander! The exhibit is running from now until 2 September and well worth the visit.


As well as hosting a rainbow of artistic endeavours, York also beams out plenty of heroic and superstar fundraisers. This month I chatted to local, Alan Flower and found out more about his charity marathon running.

MT: What charity are you fundraising for?

AF: I’m raising money for UNICEF the United Nations Children’s Fund. From a life-saving vaccine to school books in a rural village classroom, UNICEF helps millions of children every year – for example by providing textbooks and classroom kits, or by setting up child-friendly spaces where children can keep learning, even during a conflict or natural disaster.

MT: What are you doing? Why this?

AF: I am running three 10k races in three weeks, each one on consecutive Sundays. I have never been a runner or anything vaguely sporty; at school I was the class embarrassment at sports days and for the last 31 years my idea of exercise has been pulling corks out of red wine bottles! This means that any race (let alone a 10k - and three of them) is a huge challenge for me to overcome. Having completed two months of training and one of the three runs, I can safely say that I have fallen in love with something I’m atrocious at - if that isn’t amazing I don’t know what is!

MT: What is the inspiration behind all this?

AF: The world we live in is full of the most amazing people - from an NHS nurse to a former President of the United States there are human beings on this planet that inspire hope in me and make me believe in a bright and spectacular future for humanity. There are, however, some people in this world who seem to only exist to cause pain - these people were once children. I believe that it is the experiences they had as children that led many such people to a life that inflicts pain on others. I believe that the more generations of children who grow up in our world who receive human kindness, understanding and a positive start in life - the less will be driven to hatred, ignorance and vengeance. UNICEF is an organization who’s work gives us a chance of achieving that - and it is my pleasure to throw my running inhibitions aside and blast through the pain barrier to help them do just that.

MT: How can we support this Endeavour?

AF: You can donate to my campaign on my fundraising page at Alan’s Justgiving page or, if you happen to be at one of the events I’m running at - just shout ‘go for it old boy’

Alan is raising money to help Unicef UK , be amazing and donate if you can!

Miss Trout News

I’ve just spent the last few months/weeks rehearsing and performing in Wildgoose Theatre’s The River. It was a poetic sparkler of a show and full of trout and trout references … bloody perfect for me! Gorgeous cast, gorgeous director and gorgeous script! One nourished and satisfied Miss T , at least until the next production lined up in July. More on that next time! I’ve just signed up for some new joint studio space with the lovely Six Lips Theatre and I can’t wait to get stuck into some more theatre making, story writing and bespoke making! I’m also making big progress with the #IAmMe campaign and gradually getting ready to start workshopping the school project now that Smallfry’s story has finally been written. Mega excited to smash this project and share it with York and get as many of you involved as poss!

Till next time,

If you can’t be nautical be nice!

Miss Trout x

Weeny Sprat and Miss Trout soak up some culture at York Art Gallery

Weeny Sprat and Miss Trout soak up some culture at York Art Gallery

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