In Conversation: Luke Saxton

By Miles Watts | 29th March 2016

Luke Saxton York

Luke Saxton York

Luke Saxton is the latest addition to Bad Paintings’ increasingly impressive lineup of musical talent. Playing music since he was seven - and in his first band at ten - Luke is still only at the tender age of nineteen yet he has recorded a staggering twenty five albums.

You read that correctly: twenty five.

“The recent ones are the best,” he says with relief. “I needed to get a lot of phases out of the way in order to get to where I am now.”

Where Luke is now is readying himself for the release of his first official album Sunny Sadness with Bad Paintings, released on 24 November. He’s come a long way in a short time, having gigged for several years as a teen. All the recording has been done in his house, with only one or two forays into the studio: for Sunny Sadness, Luke stayed rooted at home and played all the instruments himself rather than working with a band.

“I didn’t have a specific plan,’ he says modestly. “Mike Harrison (of Bad Paintings) and Paul Lowman (of high street music outlet The Inkwell) have been very supportive and this is what’s led to this album, really.”

Luke’s influences have leant heavily on a 60s/70s vibe - from The Beatles, Beach Boys and Nilsson. Though he plays alone, Luke considers himself a reserved performer:

“I would play with a band if I found the right people but for now, I’m happy enough to play solo.”

Having not enjoyed his school studies, Luke admits that Bad Paintings’ interest in him materialised at just the right time: “I was feeling very despondent after college. I left secondary school with bad qualifications and I didn’t give myself many other choices than to try for a music career. It’s been a mix of despair and luck and I’m very fortunate that Bad Paintings have seen something in my music.”

After Sunny Sadness, Luke is working on an album of pop songs inspired by standards and jazz, including Michel Legrand, George Gershwin and Django Reinhardt. That album will be called The Autumn Waltz, for release early next year. For a young man who has made twenty-five albums, two new releases in six months sounds pretty reasonable.

Luke Saxton’s debut album with Bad Paintings, Sunny Sadness, is released on 24 November, when you can see Luke play at The Woolpack, York. Listen to four of Luke’s tracks online HERE.

Luke Saxton

Luke Saxton

“Playing live is scary - it’s just me and my guitar.”
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